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  • Summary: Recorded in Nashville, the UK band's third studio album is slightly peppier and happier than past efforts (for The Clientele, anyway).
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. 88
    This is a new Clientele--very similar to the old; just happier, brighter and, yes, better. [#25, p.98]
  2. This is a pretty modest band, albeit one whose supple melodicism is abetted by layers of detail, and whose songs tend to stick around just long enough to make their mark before gracefully bowing out.
  3. God Save the Clientele sounds like the work of the same band, but it shows them in a new, brighter light, broadened in both sound and outlook. In terms of sonics and tunes, these changes are welcome and logical, expanding upon the sound with which they made their name without sacrificing intimacy or risking coming across overcooked.
  4. For a band who has struggled to make themselves heard and understood, God Save the Clientele may just be the Clientele casting some burdens to the wind, channeling all their adoration for Love and the Television Personalities with clear eyes, clear minds, and louder voices than they ever have before.
  5. This is the sound of a band energized and fearless, starting to savor the precision, to move around a bit within their own tight parameters. [#17, p.83]
  6. God Save the Clientele is a good record: mellow, pretty and, at times, quite fun.
  7. There's nothing to object to and much to admire on God Save The Clientele, but there's also little to celebrate.

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Score distribution:
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