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  1. 80
    The giddy rush of "I Citizen The Loathsome" and spectral funk ot "To" in particular begin a new page in electronica's tatty textbook. [Aug 2006, p.108]
  2. The interplay of sound and vision is abstract though often absorbing.
  3. [A] solid effort from one of the more consistent acts in electronic music today.
  4. Skip the first track and Greedy Baby is a welcome addition to the Plaid catalogue, though not nearly as essential as their earlier works.
  5. A slight whiff of missed opportunity perhaps, but this is by no means a stinker.
  6. Fail[s] to constantly engage the listener.
  7. The dull patches are particularly depressing when you realize how much work went into them for so little payoff.
  8. Most of the musical content is diaphanous and fleeting.
  9. Greedy Baby doesn’t make sense sans visuals, and even with them it makes… little sense.
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  1. TylerrM
    Oct 6, 2006
    There are some albums I would never listen to on moral or ethical grounds. This is not one of those albums.