Grrr... - Bishop Allen
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  • Summary: This is the third full-length for the Brooklyn, New York, indie-rock band.
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  1. Much of pretty far into the cutesy—as the album’s title suggests--but more often than not, Rice and Rudder’s strong rock-sense gives Bishop Allen’s songs enough kick to overcome their cloying elements.
  2. Perfectly enunciated lyrics, layered instrumentation, infectious melodies, rinse, repeat. The sound wasn’t broke, so Bishop Allen didn’t bother fixing it.
  3. The band is at its peak on Grrr..., sticking to basic guitar pop with occassional embellishment in arrangements. [Winter 2009, p.70]
  4. Simplifying things is fine, of course, and Bishop Allen does quite a bit with a little on Grrr..., but there are small moments when it feels like the band is putting a glass ceiling on these songs.
  5. It's hard to criticize an album that feels so good-natured, especially when unoriginality is hardly a mark against this kind of pop, but the band misses again with its lyrics, which, while generally clever, often stray into the realm of overstructured precocity.
  6. 50
    aside from the nicely scuffed 'Dirt on Your New Shoes,' a general lack of spark or lyrical acuity makes even the album's catchiest songs of predestination ('The Ancient Commonsense of Things'), passive-aggression ('Don't Hide Away'), and whimsy ('Cue the Elephants') register as little more than charming diversions.
  7. Grrr... seems transcribed from a distant memory or read from the pages of a script.

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