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  • Summary: The latest album for the Australian rock band is the first studio album to feature current guitarist Dan Luscombe, who replaced Rui Pereira.
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  1. This is the sound you need to get for right now, and it’s built to last well past that.
  2. An outstanding record, and one with endless pleasures and pains to be wrung out of it.
  3. Havilah will remain as yet another great record from one of the most talented acts currently playing rock music.
  4. Havilah broadens the Drones' sonic palette and continues to carve out a sound that is uniquely theirs, and in that sense it's an accomplishment, but wrestling with the record's dark subject matter makes it a difficult listen.
  5. What Havilah does is jump up and down on the rotting carcasses of The Vines and Jet, stabbing them again and again with a flag that says “Miles. Better. Than. You. Ever. Were. Mate.”
  6. 70
    Sidewinding bass lines and slashing guitar help pull together ballads of marital woe ('The Drifting Housewife'), epic rock­outs ('I Am the Supercargo'), and rousing takes on regret ('Your Acting's Like the End of the World').
  7. The thickset blues-rock of Havilah, the fifth studio album from the Drones, makes for opaque and impenetrable listening.

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