Heaven - The Walkmen
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. May 29, 2012
    After 10 years and seven albums, Heaven finds The Walkmen in a better place.
  2. May 25, 2012
    This disc proves that their ascension to lofty heights is complete and something heavenly indeed.
  3. 83
    The lovely brooders are at their most joyous and effervescent on their seventh album. [15 Jun 2012, p.82]
  4. Thoroughly enjoyable from front to back, Heaven oozes confidence and polish.
  5. Jun 5, 2012
    Twelve years after their formation, the East Coast five-piece have created their finest album to date.
  6. Jun 15, 2012
    Heaven is more like a classic Sunday morning album: a modest, extremely laid back paean to the comforts of domesticity in which every song sounds like it was recorded from a rocking chair.
  7. Jun 25, 2012
    No One Ever Sleeps, even with harmonies from Robin Pecknold, feels not magical, but hollow and sluggish. At the rockier end, Heartbreaker adds Arcade Fire urgency and may score alt-radio love. The rest, however, is lukewarm. [Jul 2012, p.83]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 6
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 6
  3. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Oct 9, 2013
    The best band in the world gets better with age, something I never would have predicted a decade ago when I lovingly clutched that copy of Bows & Arrows to my chest. It's a long way from "The Rat" to "Heaven" but it's a distance I've travelled myself it's been the soundtrack of my life, and to have connected so resonantly with another band (after The Smiths in my early teens) feels like a blessing I do not deserve in such richness. Expand
  2. May 29, 2012
    For the full review, visit Manik Music at http://www.manikmusic.net/reviews/the-walkmen-heaven/#

    There have been a lot of stellar albums so
    far this year: Jack White, Justin Townes Earle, Beach House, Alabama Shakes, Mount Eerie. I think Heaven is the best. In a world of â Expand
  3. Jun 1, 2012
    Like all The Walkmen albums, this is one that'll take repeated listens to fully appreciate. Some songs are immediately catchy, but ALL have rich layers that take time to notice. When I first heard rumblings that this record was simpler and more mellow than previous albums, I was afraid the band would follow in the footsteps of Kings of Leon and, dare I say it, The Black Keys- with albums that are immediately catchy, yet somewhat watered down, making them more accessible to the masses, but less memorable in the long run. I'm thankful that The Walkmen didn't go this route. Yes, the songs seem crisper, cleaner, and simpler than what's come before, but the songs are absolutely full of idiosyncrasies that pop out on subsequent listens. Songs like The Love You Love and Heartbreaker drew me in initially because they reminded me of previous Walkmen songs. Nightingales, Southern Heart, and Dreamboat are songs I dismissed as filler on my first listens, but now enjoy the most. Heaven has that same Walkman feel and quality, but it's completely different from their previous work, in sound and mood. This is a beautiful album, right in time for the longer, warmer, evenings. I'm thankful my favorite band of the last ten years continues to make inspired music with integrity. I'm not sure this album will get The Walkmen the mainstream attention (they don't lack for critical attention) a band of their caliber would normally receive. But for a selfish fan, that's not such a band thing. Expand
  4. May 29, 2012
    With the last two albums that the Walkmen have put out (including this one) they have become one of the best - not only indie - bands out in the industry. There are a few things that set them apart, and one of the major things being lead vocalist Hamilton Leithauser's very distinctive voice. Over time, Hamilton's voice has changed from an extremely raspy and unpredictable yell, to a more controlled, still raspy, croon which team up so well with the re-verb guitars in this album. Tracks like "Heartbreaker" and the title track "Heaven" exemplify this the best. The Walkmen have always been at their best when they were playing and screaming as loud as they can, and this album has a few songs that show that. However, the opening track "We Can't Be Beat" with Leithauser's croon, and incredible harmonies, and a shift in tempo's in the song really open up a new door for this band. The Walkmen have become better as they mature, not running out of ideas and not afraid to try out a few new things. This album is incredibly beautiful, and will most likely be soundtrack to many summers. Collapse
  5. Jul 13, 2012
    Yet another solid, utterly satisfying record from the Walkmen, dominated once more (in the best sense of the word) by Leithauser's vocals. The singer's voice is more tender here than on earlier records, which works especially well on slower songs, such as "Southern Heart" and "Line by Line". Of course, the album still features its fair share of belted-out vocal lines ("We Can't Be Beat", "Heaven"). This is an enjoyable album from start to finish, mixing the band's trademark retro vibe with enough variety to retain the interest of new listeners and Walkmen veterans alike. This album doesn't experiment as much as it capitalizes on a successful formula, which is completely fine by me. Expand
  6. Jun 21, 2012
    I really liked their previous record Lisbon and was quite excited about this release. Unfortunately it doesn't quite live up to my expectations. It's still not a bad record but not magic either. I read another users comments about this band before, which I have to agree with - The Walkmen are never bad but they rarely catch fire either. They're a solid band but have their limitations. So much style and lots of substance to go with it but just that little bit short of greatness. Expand