Higher! [Box Set]

  • Record Label: Epic
  • Release Date: Aug 27, 2013
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Summary: The four-disc box set for the funk, rock and soul band led by Sly Stone includes unreleased tracks, mono mixes, instrumentals, live recordings, and studio outtakes.
Record Label: Epic
Genre(s): R&B, Soul, Funk, Pop/Rock, Psychedelic Soul
Credit: Producer Primary Artist
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Track Listings

1-01 I Just Learned How to Swim 2-20 Undercat [Instrumental]
1-02 Scat Swim 3-01 Everyday People
1-03 Buttermilk, Pt. 1 3-02 Sing a Simple Song
1-04 Dance All Night 3-03 I Get High on You [Version Two]
1-05 Temptation Walk, Pt. 1 3-04 Wonderful World of Color [Instrumental]
1-06 I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real) 3-05 Pressure
1-07 I Can't Turn You Loose 3-06 I Want to Take You Higher
1-08 Higher 3-07 Seven More Days
1-09 Underdog 3-08 Feathers [Instrumental]
1-10 Bad Risk 3-09 Somebody's Watching You
1-11 Let Me Hear It from You 3-10 Sex Machine
1-12 Advice 3-11 Hot Fun in the Summertime
1-13 If This Room Could Talk 3-12 Everybody Is a Star
1-14 I Cannot Make It 3-13 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
1-15 Trip to Your Heart 3-14 Stand! [Live from the Isle of Wight Festival]
1-16 I Hate to Love Her 3-15 You Can Make It If You Try [Live from the Isle of Wight Festival]
1-17 Silent Communication 3-16 Dance to the Music [Live from the Isle of Wight Festival]
1-18 I Get High on You [Version One] 3-17 Medley: Music Lover/I Want to Take You Higher/Music Lover [Live from the Isle of Wight Festival]
1-19 I Remember 4-01 Luv N' Haight
1-20 My Woman's Head [Instrumental] 4-02 Family Affair
2-01 What's That Got to Do with Me 4-03 Brave & Strong
2-02 Fortune and Fame 4-04 Runnin' Away
2-03 What Would I Do 4-05 (You Caught Me) Smilin'
2-04 Only One Way Out of This Mess 4-06 Spaced Cowboy
2-05 I Know What You Came to Say 4-07 You're the One
2-06 Dance to the Music 4-08 In Time
2-07 Ride the Rhythm 4-09 If You Want Me to Stay
2-08 Color Me True 4-10 Frisky
2-09 Are You Ready 4-11 Skin I'm In
2-10 Don't Burn Baby 4-12 If It Were Left Up to Me
2-11 We Love All 4-13 Time for Livin'
2-12 Danse a la Musique 4-14 Can't Strain My Brain
2-13 Small Fries 4-15 Loose Booty
2-14 Chicken 4-16 Le Lo Li
2-15 Into My Own Thing 4-17 Crossword Puzzle
2-16 Life 4-18 Family Again
2-17 Love City 4-19 Hoboken
2-18 M'lady 4-20 High
2-19 Dynamite!