Hills And Valleys

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  • Summary: Lloyd Maines produced the Texan country trio's first album in five years.
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  1. Hills and Valleys rides a line the Southern Pacific Railroad would envy. Writing together where previously each songsmith mostly submitted his own material, Gilmore/Ely/Hancock's first six salvos here are their best run yet.
  2. The primarily acoustic Hills and Valleys, produced by Lloyd Maines, is the Flatlanders' third and strongest album since reuniting in 1998 for "The Horse Whisperer" soundtrack.
  3. Uncut
    This stellar set is anchored by existential bar-band thumper 'Just About Time' and 'homeland Refugees.' [May 2009, p.86]
  4. The threesome is best when trading verses and flaunting its ample talent on strummy singalongs like 'Just About Time.'
  5. Hills and Valleys is exactly what a fan of the Flatlanders will expect. The songwriting is solid, but not always remarkable. The musicianship is tasteful and flawless.
  6. 60
    Hills and Valleys, their third studio album since reuniting in the late '90s, holds zero surprises--mixing Tex-Mex bounce, outlaw twang, and folkie sincerity--but it feels utterly right, like your favorite greasy meal at the local diner.
  7. Mojo
    More than great, this is well worth hearing for the Tex Mex No Way I'll Never Need You, Lone Star barroom rocker Just About Time, beautifully-sung After The Storm, and state-of-the nation border ballad Homeland Refugee. [May 2009, p.101]

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