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  1. There's so much effort, Holy Wood winds up a stronger and more consistent album than any of his other work. If there's any problem, it's that Manson's shock rock seems a little quaint in 2000.
  2. Yeah, it's a party. And it's great rock music. Those who claim Manson "went back to Goth" and reclaimed Antichrist's noise after Mechanical proved too subtle for kids are only partly right. Okay, he virtually cloned his hit "The Beautiful People" in "Disposable Teens." And there are several familiar yell-and-stomp numbers on Holy Wood. But even those almost all contain a double-take chord change or a textural overdose or a mind-blowing bridge, and they'll be terroristic in concert. More important, there are a bunch of plain brilliant tracks where Manson anoints bits of rock history into his own church.
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  1. JacobN
    Feb 9, 2007
    Ok. Manson himself said hes not trying to corrupt people. He wants people to be more open about problems they have. The Album was totally fantastic. Manson knows how to blend fantastic lyrics with great beats. Marilyn Manson for president! 2008 bitch. Full Review »
  2. Jun 9, 2012
    If I were to look back at Manson's career, I would say that this is one of his 2 best albums, the other being Antichrist Superstar. It does have a few weaker points, like the fight song, but by no means does this take away from the qualities of the album. Songs like The Nobodies ot Target Audience represent some of Manson's pinnacle moments in his song writing. Full Review »
  3. [Anonymous]
    Jun 15, 2001
    This album doesnt even deserve a 0.It shouldnt even be on the market.every teen is lost in this world and becasue of this music that is about teen overdose and killing ,there gonna be lost more because theyll end up killing there self or overdosing because Marilyn Manson or some other band says its ok. Full Review »