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  • Summary: The rock quartet worked on writing the songs over the Internet before coming together to record the album.
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  1. Alternative Press
    Home Acres is rooted in stunning energy that tells the tale of a Midwestern dream falling apart. [Apr 2010, p.122]
  2. It's musically complex and ambitious, but flashes of powerpop shine through, making this Aloha's hookiest effort to date. Its pop aspect is more nocturnal than sunny, though, with its colors showing subtly vivid in the twilight.
  3. While Home Acres reverts every now and then to formless mush, the album ends beautifully with the pounding, organ-washed “Ruins,” which summarizes the record’s whole approach: rising from a murmur to call to the heavens.
  4. 70
    Pretty much every song on this prog-pop band's sixth disc evokes moodiness via some sort of weather, event, or technological-flux metaphor. It's a suitable theme for elegantly mutable yet hummably compact songs, led by marimba as often as guitar.
  5. Home Acres never breaks any new barriers and it's less cerebral than earlier outings, but it’s a good, consistent listen that showcases the band in their comfort zone.
  6. Home Acres, on the other hand, is immediately likeable, suitably complex, and not really very adventurous at all. Instead of reinvention, it commits to recombining old elements in a thoughtful, thematically precise way.
  7. Under The Radar
    It's one of those albums that would have fared better as an EP. [Winter 2010, p.72]

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