Hope For The Hopeless

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  • Summary: The third album for the California folk artist features Femi Kuti on one track.
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  1. His clear, melodic voice and easy-like-Sunday-morning compositions are both benign and comforting on Hope for the Hopeless.
  2. Hope for the Hopeless is the next move down a path that seems to be the right one for Dennen. More attention should only yield more acceptance and acclaim for this young rising star.
  3. Hope for the Hopeless works more than it doesn't, and when it really clicks here, which is often enough, Dennen shows himself to be a unique voice and talent.
  4. For those still enthralled by the lyrical twists and midtempo folk-rocking of 1972, this record will be manna from heaven.
  5. Dennen's third disc suggests he may soon give Dave Matthews a run for his tour grosses.
  6. Dennen's tenuous vocals (and lyrics) are better suited to silly love songs than this sort of material, and though producer John Alagia knows how to make the guitars jingle and jangle and how to work up a soft, swimmy groove, Dennen needs a little more to rise out of the ever-growing multitude of sensitive guitar dudes.
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