Hot Shots II - Beta Band
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  • Summary: The second full-length (not including a collection of EPs) from Britain's heralded Beta Band is just as eclectic as the band's first outing, combining pop and indie rock with touches of hip hop and electronica. The ten new tracks are highlighted by the singles "Squares" and "Broke." (And if the immodest album title reminds you of the Stone Roses' 'Second Coming,' don't worry--the comparisons end there.) Expand
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  1. It's not quite as immediate as, say, the Champion Versions EP, but 10 plays bear out the truth: this is the best Beta Band record yet, which means you should waste no time getting your hands on it.
  2. The quartet has cooled its eclectic babbling, and "Hot Shots II" whirrs and purrs like a gleeming silver sports car.
  3. The group shows that their goofy sides can peacefully coexist with their harmonious, pop-song writing ones.
  4. Its most fully realized set to date.
  5. This maturing band is getting closer to a fully realized vision.
  6. One of the most distinctive and satisfying records you'll hear all summer.
  7. It's good stuff, to be sure -- but if Hot Shots II excites you at all, it's probably time to lay off the pot.

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