Hotel Morgen - To Rococo Rot
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  • Summary: The Berlin-based trio (who share a member with the band Tarwater) continue to mix electronica with post-rock on their first album in three years (and first for Domino).
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  1. To Rococo Rot's Hotel Morgen is seductive and suggestively sculpted; romance music for people with unforced, natural, and charmingly contrary style.
  2. Hotel Morgen serves as a blend of some of the more appealing aspects of both the electronic avant-garde and its more mainstream dance music wing.
  3. 80
    Luddites still unconvinced that digital technology is capable of emotional expression should make this their first stop on the road to enlightenment. [May 2004, p.103]
  4. Hotel Morgen doesn't change a thing, and really, with results this consistent, it shouldn't have to.
  5. It's all nice -- very nice. To Rococo Rot have an amazing sense of control over their music. The question is, is it too much control?
  6. It’s not much of a pop record, but it’s very catchy in spots. It’s not experimental in the least, but it does have it’s own specific sound and feel. When it welcomes you in, Hotel Morgen can start to impress you.
  7. Despite To Rococo Rot's placid rejection of any exceptionally radical artistic statement, there is a grace and deft care taken on the record not to buoy the stately jams with textural shifts, but to interlock the two in an elegant way that's impressive to the discerning listener. Nevertheless, this is a somewhat uninspiring recording.

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