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  1. the two carve up each track like master craftsman, finding the perfect middle ground between the sparse, reverb-laden landscapes of the Great Lake Swimmers and the orchestral, aching beauty of Hem.
  2. House With No Home is the ideal second album for a band like this: a refinement and broadening and deepening, even of their sound, one that suggests a rich and hopefully lasting career.
  3. They cast a powerful spell and sustain it over 11 tracks, yet at times you wish they'd jam, or perform a cover, or do anything to break it up somehow.
  4. They are not evidence of a group wallowing in their own experimental pretentiousness. They are the finishing touches on an already admirable piece of work.
  5. It leaves a lot implied, but slowly clears the way for a chilling catharsis.
  6. If you like gorgeous folk, then this album is for you. If you don’t, well, The Hold Steady released something not that long ago.
  7. It is really a much more modern album than the Americana tag would at first suggest, and the songs are as instantaneous and memorable as the best pop music.
  8. Any initial quaintness complexifies into something richer, more layered.
  9. Singer Justin Ringle often muffles his words or loses them altogether (as though a wool scarf were covering his mouth) as he trudges through cadences reminiscent of Ryan Adams or Iron & Wine's Sam Beam, delicately dotting his stanzas with multi-dimensional characters weathering the winters of their existence. Which is more enriching than it sounds.
  10. I wasn't expecting the group to completely break from their ways on this follow-up, but melodically and musically it's a little too close to the debut to really feel like it breaks any new ground.
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  1. Sam
    Oct 5, 2008
    Gorgeous folk album that grows with intensity by the listen.