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  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. Where the Aislers Set really create a distinction between themselves and their contemporaries is through the unpredictably imaginative arrangements, bolstered by Linton's truly enigmatic melodic sense.
  2. A significant departure from the band's previous works, marking a new approach to songwriting.
  3. Uncut
    There's real poeticised emoting here. [May 2003, p.108]
  4. It's pure fun-- insanely, immediately likable, and ingenious in how much it achieves.
  5. Another fine batch of eloquent, classic sounding pop songs, with a little bit of mustard added to it as well.
  6. It blows me away when someone can make nostalgia for the '60s or the '80s, or in this case both, sound relevant or recent or worth swooning over.
  7. How I Learned to Write Backwards isn't the kind of album that's going to turn up new rewards. Its marginal utility tops off after about 10 listens.
  8. Easily the band's most consistent, tonally tight disc thus far.
  9. Mojo
    The Aislers don't always hit their mark, perhaps because the disparate interests at work also contribute to some unengaging instrumental, noise and nearly spoken word pieces. [Apr 2003, p.103]
  10. Its successes -- its pleasing idiosyncrasies, its moments of charm, and so on -- are there, but underneath a veneer of such blandness that finding them seems like more trouble than it's worth.
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  1. virgiln
    Apr 19, 2003
    its actually really fucking good. give it more that ten listens.
  2. christophern
    Mar 11, 2003
    Catchy dream-pop, definitely a great album to spin on a sunny day.