I And Love And You - The Avett Brothers

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  1. They've constructed something beautiful.
  2. Mostly it's the tunes that do the slamming. And though their lyrics may be too sincere for sophisticates, they're not sincere enough to suit the Avetts, a disconnect they'll tell you about.
  3. Recalling Elton John or Ben Folds at his most Southern-sounding, I And Love And You deserves the larger audience it's been designed for, wrapping shamelessly sentimental, effortlessly beautiful songs in a warm, inviting mellow-rock package.
  4. This is an album of surprising tenderness, of intricate (and, importantly, memorable) melodies and deep emotions, and everyman ruminations on love and life that will surely connect with long-standing fans and newcomers alike.
  5. With Rick Rubin at the helm, employing his trademark austerity but not overdoing the dryness, the group swings for the fences musically, lyrically, vocally, and emotionally. Its batting average is sterling.
  6. While the Avett Brothers have had a productive run going on a decade, I and Love and You's new elegant musical direction and very strong set of new songs indicate that they are band that is indeed just getting revved up.
  7. Packed front to back with lyrical treats and lovely sonic touches (thanks to producer Rick Rubin), I and Love and You may be one of the major labels' best pieces of news this fall.
  8. The Avett Brothers have hit upon a winning approach, and this album is another step in their taking it beyond the obvious.
  9. The result is an intimate, poignant album, laced with rich production that enhances, not clouds, the songwriting itself.
  10. For their major-label debut, producer Rick Rubin has turned the group into a lush chamber-folk outfit. I and Love and You is packed with complex, piano-based beauties.
  11. 70
    More than anything, I and Love and You proves how miscast the Brothers were as folkies, because their ambitions are so much larger.
  12. 66
    This is a minor stumble at a major plate, but no fear. The high here do well in drowning out the lows. [Fall 2009, p.92]
  13. It's a grandiose (Rick Rubin produces), earnest affair that sheds the trio's earthy realness for a glossy veneer which is sometimes thrilling (the majestic 'And It Spread') but often, well, nothing more than an unconvincing stab at that most scary of concepts: mainstream country.
  14. 60
    With little in the way of banjo now, nearly every song comes steeped in acoustic piano, while the vocals are pitched to eke out every last chunk of substance from well-honed lyrics. [May 2010, p.93]
  15. 60
    Nonetheless, this is impressive, mainstream stuff. One hope their bluecollar heart will win out over their white collar power pop head. [May 2010, p.83]
  16. The finest moment may be when Laundry Room unexpectedly abandons the blueprint after three and half minutes and explodes into a thrilling bluegrass coda. At that moment, I and Love and You sounds like a band suddenly doing what they want to, rather than what they think they should.
  17. It's not that there's no room for such studio nuance in the Avetts' music, but it gives I and Love and You a quotidian sheen, making their signature sincerity seem sappy and much less special.
  18. Despite its accomplished musicianship and polished production, however, I And Love And You feels like somewhat of a whimper after the highs of "Emotionalism." [Fall 2009, p.75]
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  1. May 1, 2011
    My first experience with The Avett Brothers was live at Jazzfest 2011. Following, this was the first recorded album I listened to. While I much prefer their live sound over their recorded sound, most of the songs they performed were from this album, and I was immediately hooked. This album will always be special to me. Full Review »
  2. Shaun
    Dec 4, 2009
    I've seen heaps of critical and fan praise piled on "I and Love and You" and I'm not saying the Avetts don't deserve it. But as a fan who discovered these guys some six years ago, I continue to believe that the real masterpiece in the Avett catalog is their prior release "Emotionalism". Raw with a polished feel, tender yet rockin', Emotionalism is the true 10. The Avetts continue to write great songs but I sometimes feel like this album is propelled in large part by the hype of a major label debut and the production of Mr. Rubin. Full Review »
  3. DarnellS
    Oct 26, 2009
    It's an OK to good album that every folk-infused hipster is losing their shit over. So many 10's on the user reviews is so telling. Really people? This is as good as they come? For real? I've $10 bucks that says you'll have forgotten these guys in 5 years. Full Review »