I See The Sign - Sam Amidon

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Critic score distribution:
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  1. Dec 17, 2010
    That's a big part of Sam's genius, the way he'll shift these songs around until, while you can still hear the original, they're reharmonized into something new and wonderful. He might not think of himself as much of a songwriter, but he's an often astounding melodicist.
  2. On I See the Sign, even the quietest moments sound bold.
  3. Amidon and his cabal of collaborators-- Nico Muhly, Ben Frost, Shahzad Ismaily-- have been merging chamber music with indie rock for awhile now (see also: Sufjan Stevens, Thomas Bartlett, Owen Pallett, Bryce and Aaron Dessner of the National), and their touch is nuanced and, on occasion, delightfully odd.

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