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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. The sound is bigger too, strengthening a band that's all guitars-drums-vocals sonics -- including Molly Siegel's yelping vocables, without which the sound's faux-tween soul and wise-ass tempo shifts would evanesce into abstraction.
  2. With J Robbins producing and the vastly improved sonics, you have a much clearer idea of what everyone is doing. Little things are important with this band, and here, you can actually make them out.
  3. Ponytail has rendered Ice Cream Spiritual insidiously infectious--and bursting with an oddly tuneful virtuosity that aches to share rather than show off.
  4. This is the band’s second album after their somewhat missed "Kamehamena," and their pounce only proves to reinstill the style of the album’s predecessor.
  5. 80
    Even when they slow up, the quality doesn't let up. [Sep 2008, p.100]
  6. 80
    They go for punk rock at the most physical level, until their rhythms feel almost like a rave, as in the seven-minute 'Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel).'
  7. At times, the album's extended jams get a bit wearing, but Ice Cream Spiritual! shows that Ponytail's music is still equal parts challenging, melodic, and fun.
  8. Not recommended for people with heart conditions or pregnant mothers, but for those of you looking for visceral thrills, this is it.
  9. Lovably noisy baltimore scallywags come good with their second effort.
  10. It is, more than anything else, the sound of a band having too much fun being good to try being great.
  11. Molly Siegel's abstracted vocal acrobatics might not be human, but they melt you all the same. [Summer 2008, p.93]
  12. Like an unexpected fist in the face from a five-year-old, Ponytail’s boisterous pop-punk jams are saved from saccharine overkill with some unexpectedly tight hooks, plus a paradoxical, feathery lightness of touch that makes their music feel orgasmically flush even at its churningest and most densely impenetrable.
  13. 70
    Presided over by Molly Siegel--a fiery young Yoko Ono impersonator--the disc is precocious but never precious, combining a smart, Juno-esque appreciation of old-school punk that steers clear of mere revivalism.
  14. As they stand with Ice Cream Spiritual, Ponytail have captured an ample document of their instrumental majesty without losing a lick of their live energy.
  15. The result is akin to bottling one of their energetic live shows, and it makes for a thrilling, if not altogether bump-free ride.

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