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  • Summary: The 1993 debut album for the North Carolina indie rock band, which had ended in 1998, is rereleased just as the band returns for a reunion tour.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 16
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  3. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Dec 22, 2011
    Brimming with character and endlessly relistenable, Icky Mettle is something of a touchstone for one of US indie's purplest patches.
  2. Aug 9, 2011
    When listening to Icky Mettle, you feel included, like they're the crew you've known your entire life. The fact that it's both very relevant today and a thrilling snapshot of the restlessly creative 90's underground is no small achievement.
  3. Aug 8, 2011
    The new double-disc edition of Icky Mettle explains why hopes for AoL were so high, and why those hopes may have been misplaced.
  4. Aug 5, 2011
    They perfected the genre moves: bracing attack, two-guitar blurs of dissonance and beauty, a sympathetic barker wringing emotion from lyrics about the insular rock scene and girls who stalked it.
  5. Aug 5, 2011
    The early material is interesting, if only to hear how "Web in Front" and "Wrong" were fleshed out on Icky Mettle. But it's the album, and The Greatest of All Time, that are the real draw here.
  6. 80
    If anything, the extras better inform the choices eventually made on the band's debut, highlighting just how great a record it turned out to be (since, basically, they'd been doing it from song one). Put simply, Icky Mettle is a gem of early '90s rock worthy of a place in the indie Smithsonian.
  7. Dec 14, 2011
    Overall it's about as perfect as introduction to the band as you're likely to get, and perhaps a timely chance to give the Archers an opportunity to climb back into the upper echelons of your record collection.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 5
  2. Negative: 0 out of 5
  1. Oct 13, 2011
    You can't get more raw or brash than Icky Mettle. Untrained ears may cringe at the crunchy, screeching guitars and slightly sour vocals, but indie rock fans will assure you that this album is perfect. It has everything you could ever want from an indie record: layered guitar sounds, crude vocals, an over-abundance of energy, and generally a lack of production or value for money. When you discover that the whole album was made over the course of about a week and - according to lead singer Eric Bachmann - only cost around $5,000 to make, you'll probably think that Icky Mettle will just be a waste of your time and cash -- that is, until you listen to it. Expand
  2. j30
    Aug 13, 2011
    Great album. I had no idea these guys existed since I read some of the reviews on this website. Early 90's Indie-rock doesn't get much better than this. If you like Weezer's Blue Album and Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain you'll instantly fall in love with this album. From the opening track (Web In Front) I was surprised I had never heard them before. Expand
  3. Aug 30, 2011
    I came to this site recently looking for some new music to sink into. I found it here. Yes - older band but new to me. Raw, meaty music. This represents the Chapel Hill Inde music scene of the early to mid 90s.

    Fractured song construction, witty lyrics, clangorous guitars, lo-fi production. Everything you love about Indie bands.
  4. Nov 13, 2011
    Love the musicianship! This is rocking at it's best!.......There's a problem, though. I don't hate my girlfriend, or my wife for that matter. But, I do hate whiny freaking EMO! Expand
  5. Oct 27, 2011
    I listened to this a few hours ago, and not one song sticks in my memory. It's a forgettable release. All the songs sound the same, for the most part. Expand