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  1. Jul 12, 2011
    This album is bland from start two finsh it is not like make yourself or science, but rather it is a watered down effort. there are only 2 standout tracks on the whole album. the rest seem to sound like old recycled tunes of previous bands lyrics. this album is sure to disappoint true fans who like their alt metal versatile guitar bass and drum arrangements.It is hard to gauge a review of this album as its not a 1 or its not a 10. Its a bland 5. it lacks a true sense of feelings as displayed by the power laced energy of science and the sonically diverse morning view that has a nice atmosphere of with heavy guitars and acoustic guitars. Don't get me wrong I am an Incubus fan and I guess I was just expecting more diverseness and atmospheric experimentalism incorporated into heavy and soft songs. Not just mainly soft songs. Overall, the album lacks the creative energy and sonic diverseness of previuous effots even though they did say this album was a departure. It may have been a departure in the wrong direction. Collapse
  2. Jul 12, 2011
    Several fans may have been disappointed, but let's face it, the SCIENCE and Make yourself days are over a decade in the past. In a way, I'm kinda glad the band did this. It was a surprise nonetheless, but its a surprise that grows on you. Every song has this kind of magic to it that usually kicks in after the second or third listen, but never the first. That is why you have to let it grow on you. Personally I think some of the tracks in this album are some of the band's most creative material. Tracks 7-10 stood out to me the most. The jovial acoustic melody of "Defiance", the length and bipolarity of "In the Company of Wolves", the upbeat tempo of "Switchblade", and the stunning atmosphere of "Adolescents" is what truly made this a great listening experience for me, and a factor to still appreciate this band for everything it has to offer. Expand
  3. Jul 20, 2011
    Bleh. This album confirms what a lot of people have been speculating for many years: Incubus is not the band it used to be. There is a large following of listeners who have been dying for a taste of the S.C.I.E.N.C.E days, or even a little morsel of Make Yourself. Not only does Brandon Boyd and co. further distance themselves from those early records and innovative sound, they have launched them into orbit. What we have here is a dull and uninspiring batch of songs aimed to get the female 13-30 demographic excited. Whereas previously we would get a wonderful set of songs showcasing the talented band members, with a few toned-down numbers sprinkled in; we now have eleven tracks of lameness. I certainly don't need rehashed versions of "A Certain Shade of Green", or "Circles", but what I do need is some freakin' rock 'n roll! Expand
  4. Jul 29, 2011
    1 In a previous post, I discussed the importance of a music education. I stated that it will make oneâ
  5. Aug 10, 2011
    After completing my first listen of "Morning View" back in my mid-college days my first impression was that Incubus was both expanding beyond their initial category as well as lightening up a little. Although in that first listen I immediately liked/loved a few songs (Nice To Know You, Are You In?), eventually I grew to simply love the entire album. Stepping back to one of those impressions 'lightening up a little', I had to re-think about why I liked this band, because it was obvious that they were not going to sit still in the years to come.

    Moving forward to their recent release "If Not Now, When?" I again had to re-think why I liked this band. After 10+ years of loving their music could I really decide that this was their worst? That this time the album wouldn't grow from an initial 'meh' to 'Absolutely Loving it'? I think it is, and unlike some reviewers that want to write off the band as lost or past their prime, I am ok with "If Not Now, When?". I'm ok an 11 song LP that has no true stand outs, and I'm ok waiting another few years for their next attempt. But then again, this album is simply that: just ok.

    It isn't terrible, but it definitely isn't great and barring another ten or twenty more playthroughs I don't expect that impression to change. There are guitar parts that are immediately recognizable Einziger/Incubus style, but the funny thing that struck me this go around was the new instruments that were spread throughout the tracks. Unlike the marxophone that introduces "Anna Molly", on "Promises, Promises" it is simply a piano, and I think that characterizes many of the other tracks. Simple. Simple isn't bad, it's just simple, and it does have it's moments such as on "Defiance" where the acoustic guitar is the only accompaniment to Boyd's falsetto and melodic vocals. But this sort of track used to be the interlude between sides A & B on previous albums (i.e. Earth to Bella 1/2) and is now the climax if you had to state that there is one.

    Let Incubus be, if anything they've got this out of their system or at least allowed themselves the pleasure of exploring the idea of easy-does-it. Because regardless of the result doing something is not as easy as doing nothing.
  6. Aug 17, 2011
    As a fan of Incubus from way back in the Fungus Amongus/ Enjoy Incubus days, this album came as a huge disappointment. Simplistic, Pop-ish, and seemingly dedicated to appealing to tweens, Incubus has taken a huge step backwards here. Instead of producing a BAND album, "If Not Now When" centers the band's musical efforts around Brandon Boyd's singing on top of simplistic pop tunes; resulting in bland, radio friendly trash. Not the challenging musical journey I would have hoped for from Incubus. Until now, I have liked to varying degrees all of Incubus' albums, because without exception they showed the musicality and versatility of all of the band members. This album is mostly just the crooning of Brandon Boyd over vanilla pop rock. Some will defend this album and proclaim that Incubus should be lauded for "taking risks" and going outside of their standard musical fare. If what the band produced was new and innovative I might agree, but the reality is that this album is crap. Expand
  7. Sep 29, 2011
    When I worked at a record store, way back in 2000, before the record industry imploded, the When Incubus Attacks Vol.1 Ep was released. And the talk among coworkers was how we thought Boyd and Co. should release an acoustic-geared album. And now that the angst finally died down, it'd have been perfect timing for something like this. And it's not that I'm against a mellow Incubus album, because they've had wonderful transcendental tracks on previous albums, but something as flat and contemporary as If Not Now, When?, well, I guess the title answers the question. I just wished they'd have gone organic to this wavy new age crooner. And there ARE a couple of sweet spots on here, 'Wolves, Promises...I just didn't want an album full of that. I'm not mad, 'bands aloud to have artistic integrity, just isn't my bag. Expand
  8. Jul 21, 2011
    Incubus is not the band they used to be and that is a great thing. They have not tried to force feed us the same 'ol music rearranged and repackaged just to satisfy a few. I am thankful for the direction they have taken to always push themselves and the music in new directions. I feel sorry for those that missed the turn and were unable to ride along as the band progressed artistically. The latest offering is an effort of epic proportion to take the music far from where it has been before while still maintaining the signature maturity and sound it developed in the second half of the band's career( since ACLOTM). This is a laid back and relaxed Incubus that has no filler. Enjoy this. It will satisfy to the highest degree when you are able to accept that Incubus is a band that will continue to take risks in their music to prevent any chance that they insult the fans with stale offerings . This is a refreshing and smooth ride from start to finish. Expand
  9. Aug 1, 2011
    It's another progression for the band and looks like each member's time off, specially Mike getting additional Harvard music, paid off. The band doesn't really have two identical albums so it's not a surprise that the songs will take time to grow on you (about 3 loops each). For listeners who are true fans of the band, it's not new that they need to adjust a little following the latest release of the band since the most important ingredient is how well the lines are played and the explosion of different instruments, which cannot be heard from other bands. Adding to this, I can barely remember any band who sounds a lot better when playing live than the radio edit and studio version of their songs. Expand
  10. Aug 2, 2011
    I absolutely love Incubus for their integrity, ambition, talent, musical quality, and, most of all, for their album-to-album evolution. This is their best album to date, in my opinion. It's a lot more laid back than their previous releases - they've definitely taken the minimalist approach to their music on this album - but there's more going on on this album compositionally than any of their other albums. If you put this album on with a good pair of headphones, you will hear every ounce of beauty and passion infused in these songs. I personally love the tracks "Promises, Promises", "Isadore", "In The Company Of Wolves", and "Adolescents" the most. This album really is a perfect soundtrack to the summer. I recommend going outside on a beautiful, slightly cloudy day, laying on your back in the grass, putting your headphones on, and playing the album from front to back while watching the clouds go by. If you're a true fan of all of Incubus' previous albums and you don't own "If Not Now, When?" yet, you need to go out and buy it right now. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  11. Feb 21, 2012
    Well, I would have to place, Make Yourself, Morning View & A Crow Left of the Murder above this album. But, I do think "If not now, when" is better than "Light Grenades". It's a different sounding album then most of the Incubus catalog, but after a few listens it grows on u. I would say a solid 6
  12. Oct 28, 2012
    What's your problem? This album is way better than anything Incubus has done before! Relaxing alternative rock style with great guitar riffs and gorgeous lyrics - I really like it! They're way better in this style and also if not every song is such a big track, the result is really good. Just because it's something different than we expected, doesn't mean it's bad, okay? Perhaps I would even list it as one of the 10 best albums in 2011. Expand
  13. Oct 9, 2012
    As a huge Incubus fan, I tried really hard to like this album. Really, really hard. And I understand the idea of "evolving" or changing styles as a band. I've liked that Incubus has striven to do something new on every album. But there's a difference in changing and regressing, which is what Incubus did for this one. On every previous album, listeners can sense the amount of effort and creativity the band spent on writing their music. Even if their music style changed, one could still appreciate the music for its complexity and, for the most part, originality. However, on "If Not Now, When?," the majority of the songs are mind-numbingly simplistic and bland. Some of the songs may even start out promising, or may have a short lick of something that sounds experimental or complex, but they then reduce down to a soft pop/ easy listening rhythm and style, reminiscent of vapid, easily-forgotten radio tunes from the 80s and 90s. To put it simply, this album was not only a disappointment, but a complete shock to fans who expect so much more from this band. I usually judge disappointing new albums from my favorite bands from a perspective that they may be, for example, "Incubus bad," or "Tool bad," meaning that they're not best quality of music put out by that particular band, but the music is still better than the majority of music out there. Unfortunately, this album was just plain bad. Expand
  14. Oct 31, 2011
    Their politics are bad; simply bad. But when it comes to the human condition they do very well. I have to stretch this out to be an acceptable criticism... as if the above isn't enough and people actually read these.
  15. Sep 5, 2011
    The new album from rockers Incubus is a disappointment from start to finish. It's sound takes another root form what the band had in their previous albums, for example with the Train-esque "Promises, Promises" and try to acquire their old sound with "Adolescents". These tracks shows that the new album is nothing but a watered-down effort from the band to attract a new audience.
  16. Feb 25, 2012
    Like many others I was at first feeling disappointed with this album because it wasn't what I expected, but since Incubus is one of my favorite bands I kept playing it. As you can tell from the score, this album, unlike any other, has grown on me. This is one of my favorite "chill" albums. Just sit back and enjoy!
  17. Jan 5, 2012
    I think lyrically and melodically this album is incubus' best so far (especially lyrically). While "I am the same old incubus" song might only sound like "adolescent", other songs (well atleast for me) stood out neck to neck with it. I am very happy regardless of the shift of musical gear incorporated by the band. BTW, been a fan since FungusAmongus.
  18. Apr 7, 2012
    Incubus' attempt to break out of their self-imposed genre is a complete and utter failure. Instead of remaining true to their unique sound, hard-driving guitar and bass, and emphasizing the talents of Brandon Boyd, they tried to do something different and were utterly inept at doing so. The title song and Friends and Lovers were sadly lacking in depth and catchiness. No song on this album begs to be remembered and sung along with. Incubus is an incredible band, with talent bursting out of the seams, but this album was severely disappointing to me, who has been a fan for over a decade. They need to recapture the glory and depth of Morning View and throw in the masterful lyrics of Light Grenades. That should be their next attempt. If you like Incubus as much as I do, it's worth a listen. A few of the later tracks are definitely worth your while including Switchblade and Adolescents which capture the sound of earlier Incubus albums. Expand
  19. Oct 9, 2012
    I cannot say this is their best effort. That title falls to Crow Left of the Murder without a doubt. However, as this is not a sophomore effort since Ben Kenney joined, they have really relaxed on the initial momentum or influence he placed on their progressive structures for songs. Significant stand out song - In the Company of Wolves. The intricate build of this song is sufficient to make one understand the maturity the band have gone through. To the fans of their heydey who still think they should go back to SCIENCE because otherwise they are 'selling out' - show a big more maturity as listeners.
    Anyways, great album, and ones not to miss include the aforementioned Company of Wolves, Tomorrow's Food (great melodies), the title track and promises promises.
  20. Jan 25, 2013
    Even though Incubus hasn't been one of my long-time favs, (Our Lady Peace, The Black Keys, and Kings of Leon take those spots), I recently collected their whole discography to see why my brother liked them (until now, for some strange reason). Seeing as how he stopped listening to them after Black Heart Inertia, I decided to give this album the full few listens first - and I've been aware of this band since the Make Yourself / Morning View days.

    At first, I didn't know what to think. after hearing a lot of harsh criticism and hate, and hearing all of the slow-tempo offerings for the first time. But after giving it a few more runs (and the odd skip) I have to say I really enjoy this album. It's a breath of fresh air, a further evolution of the band. They purposely took a minimalist approach, and they do so without hiding too much talent shown in previous albums. At the same time, this doesn't show that they've lost their creativity or talent or talent; saying they have is just idiotic.

    When you look at it by its own merits, there really ISN'T ONE SONG that is "bad", unlike some of their pre-ACLOTM stuff. Though the first half starts slow (it almost feels like a snails pace at time), they are all well-crafted. The title track starts with a great mix by Chris and makes a bold statement. Promises Promises, while pop-ish, is simple and catchy; great to sing/play along. Friends and Lovers is very melodic, and Original brings a good vibe and a nice transition at the end. Thieves is my personal favourite in this first half, bringing a good melody and interesting lyrics.

    The second half is where Incubus goes way outside the box to make a statement, and I only say this in a good way. Defiance is simply jubilant, and very reminiscent to the 90's grunge days. In The Company Of Wolves is probably the standout song of the album, and is quite possibly their most epic song to date. After the second chorus, the band takes the song on a dark turn, which - from the start of Kenney's simple but nasty bassline, to the big rock ending - never lets you go. The next song, Switchblade, is an immediate change-of-pace from ITCOW, and is at the same time the catchiest song, full of sweet melodies and light-hearted lyrics. Asolescents, undeniably their best song of the album - and one of their best period - showcases every member of the band at their best, before ending with the soothing Tomorrow's Food.

    Say what you want about Science & Make Yourself, and how much harder, faster, and experimental they were compared to this, but they are NOT Incubus' best albums (reserved for their last 3 offerings before INNW). I don't think If Not Now, When? is not by any means their best, but it surely is their most underrated album, and deserves so much more praise. For a band that was basically away from making music for 5 years, they managed to make a deliberately bare-bones album that works, and is a monument to their intriguing evolution. The band shows enough talent to satisfy true fans, and still keeps their signature sound. Brandon still sounds like he's in his late 20s, Mike does great work that's just more subtle, Kenney keeps up with Brandon and the band well, Jose does what he can for being "limited" in a sense, and Chris? Let's just say I'm quite content with him being the band's keyboardist.
  21. Jun 11, 2013
    I possibly wouldn't have had such an issue with this album if they had renamed them self as something else, as this just isn't incubus. but without just pointing out what we already know to be an obvious change in direction, this album would have been poor whoever wrote it. Although the album is nice and melodic at times, this just helps to expose the fairly poor lyrics of Brandon Boyd. Friends and lovers is the lowest point on the album, incubus haven't matured into a new direction they have just appealed to their fan base that liked them because of Brandon's good looks. I would say Brandon has a very good singing voice, but this album is bland, pretty much the whole way through. Expand
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    I absolutely adore Incubus, but I was terribly disappointed by this effort. The album features a couple of gems, namely "Isadore" and "In the Company of Wolves," but they are nowhere near enough to salvage this overall bland album. I understand that artists change and evolve, but that usually (hopefully) involves a retainment of quality. I hate myself for saying this, but oh how I long for the days of Make Yourself and Morning View. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 15
  2. Negative: 4 out of 15
  1. Dec 6, 2011
    The end result is an album on a shaded, comfortable grayscale, music that's suitably mature yet sidesteps stultifying notions of middlebrow class.
  2. Jul 29, 2011
    If Not Now, When? is the work of a group who in their attempts to sound all grown-up come across as being worn-down and played out. [16 Jul 2011, p.50]
  3. Jul 28, 2011
    They're no longer teetering on the edge anymore; with this record, Boyd and Co. just fell hard.