I'll Follow You - Oakley Hall
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  • Summary: The fourth album but the first with Merge Records for the Brooklyn-based band.
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  1. Oakley Hall's almost indescribably transcendent quality burns through in songs like 'All The Way Down,' which rides amplified waves of fiery guitar and tuneful wailing, while evoking the reassuring fellowship of church camp.
  2. Though Oakley Hall's songs aren't catchy enough to be instantly familiar, I'll Follow You possesses a sound rich enough to warrant listening until they are.
  3. That's what we get with much of the album--quintessential Oakley Hall, with brillant guitar tones and interplay, painstaking harmonies, a swirling attack, and an aggressive take on dour country songwriting. [Summer 2007, p.76]
  4. 72
    I’ll Follow You is a pleasant enough halfway point for a respite.
  5. 70
    Their hard-bitten Calvinist worry and storm-a-brewing' guitar tangle feel earthier than most back-to-the-land hipster escapism, especially when threshed out by roundhouse drummer Greg Anderson. [Sep 2007,p.129]
  6. I'll Follow You is a record that shows off the diversity of Oakley Hall's palette, country and folk and rock, equally important and equally imposed, and because of this, something worth listening to.
  7. Sullivan and Cox are attentive enough to make room for understated fiddler Claudia Mogel, who keeps the band’s country flame burning when they flail and strut. None of this, though, is enough to strip the album of a staleness and fatigue

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