I'm New Here - Gil Scott-Heron
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  • Summary: Poet, musician, and singer/songwriter Gil Scott-Heron is one of the most influential progenitors of hip-hop music. Such artists as Kanye West, Mos Def, Black Star, and Air have sampled his work. Now, the poet returns with his first album in 15 years released on XL Recordings.
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  1. I’m New Here is an outstanding album and one of beauty and substance and for the first time in fifteen years, Scott-Heron is back.
  2. Whether these 15 tracks have helped him lay some demons to rest is impossible to say, what’s beyond all doubt however, is that I’m New Here is a seriously good record.
  3. It may just be his best record. I’m New Here manages to pack a lifetime’s worth of artistic growth in one completely unobtrusive half-hour.
  4. I'm New Here is an album that is best appreciated as a whole, under optimum conditions, when you can really absorb what he is saying. It's worth your time and your money, and stands proudly among the better works in Gil Scott-Heron's large and impressive discography.
  5. I'm New Here is undoubtedly a bleak record, and given Scott-Heron's trials, it's hard to imagine it being anything else. But his take recognizes a hard-earned beauty, as well.
  6. This brutally honest record is in many ways more powerful than anything from his agitprop days.
  7. I’m New Here is a thin affair—musically weak and lyrically narrow.

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