In Camera - Arthur & Yu
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  • Summary: With influences from the Velvet Underground and Lee Hazlewood, the Seattle-based duo of Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott release their debut album.
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  1. It’s successful on pretty much every count for two main reasons: 1. It’s well-written and blearily produced; and 2. It's self-aware and not neurotic.
  2. Their debut has a great deal of shadowy appeal: there are lyrics about ghosts and secrets, set to drowsy washes of guitar.
  3. Even if In Camera bleeds together and drones toward the end, the early Talking Heads vibe of 'Absurd Hero Manifesto,' the Leonard Cohen sway of 'Come to View (Song for Neil Young),' and the Lee Hazlewood stomp of 'Afterglow,' combined with Arthur & Yu's own flourishes, more than compensate. [Summer 2007, p.78]
  4. In Camera is an impressive debut for both band and label.
  5. An authentic graininess permeates In Camera, like you're listening to the whole thing in sepia-tone - from the coy country call-and-response of 'Come to View (Song For Neil Young)', which could have soundtracked a Jane Fonda film, to the lolloping 'Afterglow', and tambourining of 'Lion's Mouth'. Lush.
  6. It's the kind of music any fledgling music lover deserves to remember.
  7. Arthur & Yu's inconsistently brewed blend of neo-psychedelic indie-folk is definitely an acquired taste and the home-recorded, lo-fi production along with uninspired songwriting renders In Camera incapable of being a worthwhile investment of your listening time.

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