In My Mind - Pharrell Williams
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  • Summary: One-half of the superstar production duo The Neptunes, Pharrell steps into the limelight with this long-delayed solo debut, which mixes both rap and R&B and includes collaborations Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, and Jay-Z.
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  1. Positive: 4 out of 23
  2. Negative: 6 out of 23
  1. "In My Mind" sometimes settles for the conventional, but overall this one is too hot to drop. [23 Jul 2006]
  2. In My Mind intermittently shares the ingratiating weirdness of Williams' N.E.R.D. side project, but his shaky rhyming and occasionally off-key crooning suggest he shouldn't quit his day job cranking out beats anytime soon.
  3. 60
    Ultimately, In My Mind falters through narrowness of vision. [Dec 2005, p.120]
  4. There's nothing as instantly likable as "Frontin'," and even with the presence of some bigwig collaborators the disc sounds strangely inspiration-free.
  5. He just doesn't make a convincing rapper, and it's not only a question of charisma: his voice tends towards the monotone, and lacks honey.
  6. If you were expecting some next-level shit from Pharrell Williams on his self-produced solo debut, you're in for a huge disappointment.
  7. There’s hardly an honest word on In My Mind; any sane listener’s bullshit meter should red-line after about fifteen minutes of it’s textured repulsiveness.

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