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  • Summary: The debut full-length album for the British rock trio was named after the King Crimson album, In the Court of The Crimson King.
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  1. It’s Buzzcocks-goes-Daniel Johnston, with a little Guided By Voices on the side, erudite and desperate, and everything mentioned above and yet a lot, lot more. And it’s a pleasure to share it, and them, with you.
  2. The geekily amateurish indie splatter-pop of the young London trio couldn’t sound more different than Crimson’s heavy prog.
  3. The guitar work almost borders on wankery. Space-rock elements of Sixties psych don't so much creep as stomp leaden footedly into your lugs. Does it feel a little out of place? Yes. Finest four and a half minutes of Let's Wrestle's brief career? Absolutely fucking yes.
  4. The tension between those two poles--refusing to grow up and yearning to move on-- is the emotional engine that drives the band and its impressively confident record.
  5. Let's Wrestle may, in all their zeal, cram a couple songs too many onto this record, but it's a minor setback for a pop record that carries as much melody as it does personality.
  6. They do a first-rate job blending humor, emotion, and energy on In the Court; it’s a tricky routine to master but they’ve done it impressively right out of the gate.
  7. Under The Radar
    Is it a grand goof or an impasioned plea for love? Probably both at once, which illustrates the preverse appeal of this fine album. [Winter 2010, p.64]

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  1. UptonK.
    Apr 12, 2010
    Garage Band awesome!