Infinite Light


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  1. Infinite Light shows that Lightning Dust haven't lost any momentum since the release of their self-titled debut.
  2. Although they lack the dark, portentous majesty they conjure with their upstarts in Black Mountain, Lightning Dust reveal subtle charms that are more suitable to their impressionistic, ethereal approach.
  3. Infinite Light is solid. And its overall quality owes more than a small debt to the fact that Webber and Wells have the good taste and modesty to keep it at 10 songs.
  4. Uncut
    The rest of the album struggles to maintain that high standard [of the second track, 'I Know'], but 'Take It Home' is a magnificent dirge. [Sep 2009, p.86]
  5. Mojo
    Of the various sidelines spinning off Vancouver psych-rockers Black Mountains, this is the prettiest. [Sep 2009, p.102]
  6. Gorgeous, exquisite... and no, definitely not a side-project.
  7. If Black Mountain indulges the riff, Lightning Dust indulges the song. Side project my ass.
  8. 70
    They apply a borrowed Steinway Grand and some retro synths to a mess of ideas, from the rockabilly-plus-tabla stomp of 'The Time' to the Arcade Fire mimicry of 'Antonia Jane.' But they really shine on epic, Bat for Lashes-type ballads like 'Never Seen' and 'Waiting on the Sun to Rise.'
  9. Alternative Press
    They might be moonlighting, but they've officially stepped out of Black Mountain's shadow. [Sep 2009, p.105]
  10. Infinite Light offers mellow, contemplative folk-pop that never gets overwrought or fussy. The arrangements are stripped-down and intelligent, the melodies moving, the lyrics gently optimistic.
  11. This time, she and Wells seems intent on demonstrating that members of even the shaggiest rock outfits have a pop side, too. If you’ve been waiting to see someone try to splice together Carol King and Karen Dalton--and more or less pull it off--this is your record.
  12. For many listeners Webber’s descent into Cat Power-style calamity will be the hook; others may find it a precious affectation. Then again, some people can’t see any beauty in a lonely overcast day.
  13. If sophomore disc Infinite Light instead leaves only a pleasing afterimage, it's still dusky pause.
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  1. DouglasD
    Aug 29, 2009
    One of my top five records of the year.