Inherit - Free Kitten
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  • Summary: This is the third album for the band led by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Pussy Galore's Julie Cafritz.
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  1. Free Kitten’s new release is an excellent example of how skill and maturity can take an interesting project, slow roast it over a decade, and make it much more tender and delicious. [Summer 2008]
  2. The tracks sung by Cafritz are more wired and garage punk, but these brief flashes provide contrast to Gordon's murkier shades. [July 2008, p.49]
  3. 70
    Its best moments stand among its members' better experiments, though the rest will likely be replaced after another decade-long ice age. [Summer 2008, p.106]
  4. Unfortunately, Free Kitten’s ambivalence toward rocking--not even the occasional guest appearance from Dinosaur Jr. guitarrorist J. Mascis can convince them to do it--becomes a liability when Cafritz takes the microphone.
  5. Ultimately, Inherit is neither a great nor terrible album. Although it certainly sounds like it was a hell of a lotta fun to record, I don’t think even die-hard fans will get overly excited about it.
  6. Their technically adventurous playing occasionally gathers some spooky steam, but this is definitely a fans-only affair.
  7. Now reunited--minus Ibold--they are unlikely to win over many fans with this. [Aug 2008, p.135]

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