It's Alive! - The New Cars
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  • Summary: Only guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist Greg Hawkes return from the Old Cars (well, actually, just the Cars), with frontman duties falling to Todd Rundgren after Ric Ocasek (wisely) said no. The album itself features three new studio tracks and a slew of re-recorded Cars classics.
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  1. 80
    Anone who saw the original Cars will tell you that these guys blow those guys off the stage. [Jul 2006, p.104]
  2. The result is an energetic paean to the Cars' power-pop heritage, capturing the band's classic feel-good vibe with all cynical subtexts intact.
  3. It's not earth-shaking, but it's far better than nearly any other reunion of this kind.
  4. 40
    A better-than-decent, ultimately pointless live set. [Jun 2006, p.82]
  5. 40
    When Todd sings his own I Saw The Light he sounds more comfortable than when negotiating The Cars' blustering powerpop. [Jun 2006, p.111]
  6. 40
    Our suggestion for a more honest band name: Used Cars. [Jul 2006, p.100]
  7. The first hour or so of It's Alive is perfect for Cars fans so diehard they'd not only pay for a live album of songs they mostly already own, but a live album 20 years after the fact with only two original members and a different lead singer.

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  1. cordellj
    Jul 23, 2006
    While the album -- or disc, rather -- is a decent listen most suited for diereallyhard Cars or Rundgren fans, their tour was an absolute romp. Uncut is exactly right. The Cars n e v e r sounded this lively live, not to mention actually engaged with the audience. Easton and Rundgren definitely still have what it takes to blow most current bands (and all has-beens) off the stage. The album gets a 6; the tour will prove to be the best of its ilk (reunited/still touring acts) of 2006...too bad they were detoured by an automobile accident this summer...definitely an 8.5 show. Expand
  2. othostice
    Jul 13, 2006
    Isn't it interesting that someone as artistically anal-retentive as Rundgren the producer (see: XTC's Skylarking) engages in such sloppy choices when he records as Rundgren the artist? Add this to Faithful and the entire Utopia catalog as unwise decisions in a career largely misspent. Expand