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  • Summary: The Chicago post-rock instrumentalists add vocals (courtesy of Kelly Hogan) into the mix for the first time on this, their fifth LP.
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  1. 90
    Evidence that these musical minds are sharper than ever. [Jun 2004, p.87]
  2. Tortoise have created another batch of distinct, inimitable songs that strike a perfect balance between the academic and the playful, the immediate and the eternal.
  3. It's All Around You has both serious ambience and serious grooves, it rocks occasionally, and it doesn't dip into jazz nearly as much as some of their past releases.
  4. Although the album doesn't knock the ball out of the park on first listen, ultimately it reveals just enough cool ideas to keep things interesting.
  5. Too many tracks on It’s All Around You don’t quite measure up to the compositional quality or imagination of previous works.
  6. It's All Around You soon becomes just another Tortoise record, so close to previous records in composition and execution that it's virtually deja vu for any listeners who know the band well.
  7. It's All Around You middles about with infuriatingly placid tracks that suggest a fading band merely treading water.

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