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  • Summary: The third runner-up in the seventh season of American Idol releases his first album produced with Eric Rosse.
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  1. The American Idol season 7 finalist's debut album comes on like an early spring day.
  2. Instead of rushing out a record, he has defined his sound, developed his vocals, and written some strong love songs. The breezy, acoustic-based set, produced by Eric Rosse, is uncluttered and extremely melodic.
  3. The timing could be much better, but the songs aren’t bad at all, with most of the material taking its cues from Jason Mraz, Ben Harper, and other folk-pop heavyweights.
  4. The magic of the live performance is watered down and he only momentarily looks to test his voice. One can’t help but get the feeling that the potential is there with Castro, but one must wonder if his laid-back disposition could not only be a strength, but also the weakness which limits his capabilities.
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