Journal For Plague Lovers - Manic Street Preachers

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  1. By breathing life into Richey Edwards's own last words, his friends have crafted not a memorial but a celebration. [Jun 2009, p.120]
  2. Overall, Journal For Plague Lovers is a strident comeback that would have been a worthy direct successor to "The Holy Bible" had circumstances been different.
  3. Journal for Plague Lovers winds up being The Holy Bible in reverse: every moment of despair is a reason to keep on living instead of an excuse to pack it all in.
  4. Nobody who has ever had some semblance of an interest in this band should ignore Journal For Plague Lovers, which is simply far more awesome than anyone had a right to expect.
  5. Journal For Plague Lovers is an outstanding album in its own right and is not "The Holy Bible." But then again, what is?
  6. This is something unique, often flawed and often flooring, and as fine and fitting a memorial for its lyricist as could be imagined.
  7. With Journal for Plague Lovers, it feels like Manic Street Preachers have finally closed the door on a painful chapter in their career and, rather fittingly, they’ve done it with some aplomb.
  8. 80
    Richey Edwards has his words set to the best music his bandmates have made since their last album together. [Jun 2009, p.97]
  9. 80
    This is also a brave, compelling record that stands shoulder to shoulder with the Manics’ best.
  10. Forgoing the arena-rock of recent years for something close to the barbed punk of their "Holy Bible" era--though less disjointed this time, and studded with hooks you could hang a feather boa from--they've made a complex but very listenable record.
  11. Not just a dignified salute to an absent friend, but a cracking album in its own right.
  12. So while Journal for Plague Lovers doesn’t quite match up to The Holy Bible, essentially it doesn’t need to.
  13. Even if it were the desperate or cynical move some people have claimed it is, there's no denying that purging Edwards' old lyric folder has helped the band create its best album in a decade.
  14. 78
    To date, this is as close to their masterpiece, The Holy Bible, as they've ever come. [Fall 2009, p.92]
  15. Journal resurrects the hunger and desperation that was the Manics' initial driving force, and in the process gives them a sense of purpose. [Fall 2009, p.64]
  16. Manics mine Richey’s last words for a return to the heart of darkness.
  17. It's a shade better than Send Away The Tigers, itself heralded as a return to form, and in a year that hasn't really been anything special so far for straight-ahead rock, this is a standout.
  18. Disjointed, imperfect, tender and raw, at the final reckoning it sits as a fitting epitaph.
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  1. j30
    Dec 6, 2011
    This is not the best album of the century or the year, but a noteworthy effort from the Welsh alternative band.
  2. May 20, 2011
    Well... where do I start? The 9th album by the Manics is 14 songs of rock heaven, in my opinion there best album to date with Send away the tigers in 2nd and everything must go in 3rd. The reason for this is that every song seems to have so much efffort into them, each song has great music, great singing from JDB and of course great lyrics from Richey Edwards. The Holy Bible has great lyrics from Richey Edwards but the music doesnt support them but this type the music does. ITS BRILLIANT. Full Review »
  3. Apr 25, 2011
    This album just gets better and better the more you listen to it.
    I think this album will be considered a rock classic in years to come - a
    cult classic up there with the Holy Bible. The songs are so diverse and emotionally raw. Awesome album. Full Review »