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  • Summary: The multi-award winning R&B singer's latest release features Akon as a guest artist.

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Just Go
[Lionel Richie] It'd be so nice If you didn't have to feel so lonely It'd be so nice If I could sneak you for a moment I know you like to get away,... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. 'You' in this case is a placeholder for Mr. Richie’s core demographic, which skews overwhelmingly female, and generally older than any of his kids. But if that makes Just Go a textbook adult-contemporary album, it also lends credible emotional footing to the songs.
  2. Thanks to Richie's confidently grown-up vocals and his consistently mature subject matter--here's a guy whose romantic timeline stretches past tonight to 'Forever and a Day,' as one track puts it--Just Go never sounds calculated or desperate.
  3. 70
    The superstar’s first album in three years is a solid, if not consistently energized tribute album to Lionel Richie.
  4. It's been produced to the lushest AOR standards by an array of expensive talent, including Stargate and Akon, and finds Richie in reliably smooth voice, ruminating placidly about love.
  5. Just Go, slightly more so than Coming Home, tends to be a happy (and comforting) medium between Richie's familiar approach and contemporary R&B.
  6. On his ninth studio album, undifferentiated swaths of midtempo digital groove leave one longing for the (relative) analog authenticity of vintage Lionel.
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  1. FeliciaT
    Jun 2, 2009
    This album is totally awesome. I love it !