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  • Summary: The third album for the Vienna-based electronica-infused post-rock trio was recorded partially in Austria and partially with John McEntire in Chicago.
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  1. Though it may be tempting to describe Radian merely as an instrumental post-rock group in the Chicago tradition – they are instrumental, and they’re signed to Thrill Jockey, after all – there aren’t any post-rock bands that are engaging with ideas from electronic and improvised music to the degree that Radian does.
  2. Radian boasts a sound far deeper and richer than most of their push-button contemporaries.
  3. Utterly modern and utterly compelling.
  4. A more savage, flawless and impressive sound could not have emanated from these Austrian-born, Chicago-fed composers of laptop jazz.
  5. The group takes the term "clinical" to new heights, yet this newest effort still sounds more loose than their last effort.
  6. The results sound just fine-- if somewhat familiar to fans of Tortoise, To Rococo Rot, Pan American, or Radian's previous work.
  7. As accomplished as Radian's sound is, Juxtaposition has trouble conveying new ideas throughout the album.

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