Kairos - White Hinterland
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  • Summary: On Casey Deniel and Shawn Creeden's second full-length album, the duo moves away from the jazzy pop of 2008's "Phylactery Factory" with more shades of down-tempo electronica.
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  1. 90
    A transportive offering in a record full of them--strangely relatable, hauntingly beautiful and in the truest sense, exquisite.
  2. Kairos is an intimate account on how stripping things down to a minimum whilst keeping a clear focus on limitations can actually lay emphasis on more unique songwriting.
  3. Although each track sounds different, there's an admirable flow across the whole album.
  4. Equally, those who delighted in unravelling ["Phylactery Factory"]knotty, brilliant album will emerge dazed and blinking into the wide spaces and sweet melodies of Kairos.
  5. Kairos represents a bold step for Dienel and White Hinterland, a re-imagining of the music-making process and an example of musical experimentation and evolution.
  6. As with the band’s previous full-length, Kairos never fails to be listenable.
  7. Kairos is not an album completely devoid of charm. The R&B influence gives the songs a weight they might otherwise lack.

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  1. Nov 3, 2010
    I love White Hinterland and this album is perfect. A great improvement over their past work and I hope she keeps performing this way in future projects. Love the sounds and the emotions this album invokes. A must listen to almost anyone that loves beautiful and yet a bit dark music. Expand

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