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  • Summary: The Boston-based trio has developed a devoted following over the course of three albums and ten years of touring. This fourth album, produced by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo), adds additional elements such as bass and drums to their ususal mix of two acoustic guitars and bongos.
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  1. Keep It Together may not feature the emotional dynamics or track-by-track genius of Lost and Gone Forever, but it has something that its predecessor didn't: an unabashed pop anthem that dares you to sit still.
  2. Overall, you can still expect the same and more from Guster on this very summery record: tempo changes that will catch you off your guard, melodies that will stay in your head forever, and lyrics that may seem simple, but actually go deeper into life than you originally thought they did.
  3. Given the four years since the band's previous album (and arguably its defining moment), one can't help wishing it didn't sound quite so effortless. A little more elbow grease would have gone a long way.
  4. It's probably the best synthesis so far of Guster's strong melodic quirks and their willingness to nudge at the boundaries of their own sound.
  5. 70
    There's nothing here that sticks to the ribs very long. [#17, p.136]
  6. Keep It Together proves that all the touring hasn't hardened Guster's bright folk-pop sound a bit.
  7. Harmless and happy, with an underbelly of serious sadness, Keep it Together dares to be average, and comes out sounding and feeling pretty decent.

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