Kensington Heights - The Constantines
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  • Summary: The fourth album for the Canadian indie rock band is its first full-length album on the Arts & Crafts label.
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  1. Far from an easygoing slice of complacent contentedness, Kensington Heights finds the band pinpointing its angry energy with expert precision, rather than flailing with the wild abandon of old.
  2. If "Tournament Of Hearts" lacked consistency and focus, Heights feels like a fully realized artistic statement. Welcome back, Constantines.
  3. The Constantines have the confidence to place the melodies upfront, then bury more beneath them, so that the songs retain that wild sense of discovery. p[Spring 2008, p.75]
  4. In highlighting the more tasteful, nuances of their sounds, they’ve emerged with a more cohesive whole, a representation that better captures their classic-rock heart while simultaneously stripping the fat away and revealing the core behind the chaos.
  5. 70
    The fourth LP from this gritty Toronto five-piece offers a few genuine gems sprinkled among many more tracks borne out of blue-collar blood, sweat and tears.
  6. Beautifully recorded, and alive with the unpredictable energy that drives those killer live shows, Kensington Heights demonstrates the band’s maturity, and their well-earned confidence.
  7. Kensington Heights matches up each spectacular moment with an equally mundane one.

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