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  1. Moonlight, which grows more and more likeable with repeated listens, is Spoon's strongest effort yet, topping 2001's Girls Can Tell and even 1998's A Series of Sneaks.
  2. Spoon's latest is their magnum opus to date; it takes a scalpel to the highlight reel of their career, cutting and pasting a 35-minute tour de force that ends too soon.
  3. If this isn’t a breakthrough album for them that takes them to the top of the heap, seeing them showered with money, women and limos, well, then the consumer and music fan is not doing their job.
  4. Something much bigger than last year's Girls Can Tell, the breakthrough album skeptics like me took for a fluke peak.
  5. Meticulously choppy and frequently free of inherent genre boundaries, it's an askew masterpiece of brains, brawn, heart, and soul.
  6. 100
    Spoon rebounds from the insurmountable challenge of following up the colossally brilliant Girls Can Tell with an equally impeccable album.
  7. Will be among many year-end best-of lists, and deservingly so.
  8. This is simple music, driving music, perfect music for getting a good bath from the asinine perils of nu-metal and modern rock.
  9. The complexity and depth of the songs has increased; the band sounds less like they're trying to channel The Pixies, and more like they're reaching toward the sublime.
  10. Could be the Strokes in 10 years--if they work hard. [Listen 2 This Supplement, Aug 2002, p.14]
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  1. Mar 20, 2011
    A near flaw-less album. Kill The Moonlight has amazing tracks. Each track has it's own significant sound that gets better with each listen. Britt Daniel has a great voice and it sounds a lot more different than any other Spoon album. The tracks are catchy and some of the synth beats are wonderful. All In All, Kill The Moonlight is an impeccable album. A Full Review »
  2. Dec 3, 2013
    [10] Each song on this record is perfectly refined to an unbelievable extent. This album is natural, clean, sleek, powerful, and quite accessible. Although the guitars on this record aren't quite as dynamic as they were in Girls Can Tell, they are balanced with other aspects of production, and everything is executed flawlessly. Track by track, this album delivers amazing quality, and absolutely nothing to dislike. This is one of my few, if not only ten out of ten album. Sure it isn't a revolutionary album, sure it is simple, and almost shows some minimalism, but it is what a perfect album should be. You know it when you find it, and not everyone has the same one. This is Spoon's best album in an ultimately impressive discography. Full Review »
  3. j30
    Feb 1, 2012
    One of the best pop rock records of the past decade. This was a huge turning point for Spoon commercially and creatively. Kill The Moonlight was Spoon's Kid A. Full Review »