Know Better Learn Faster - Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
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  • Summary: The San Francisco-based trio releases its fourth studio album.
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  1. Know Better Learn Faster mostly sounds like a young artist coming into her own--in music and life and love.
  2. Their various styles are integrated and naturally came out of the way the Get Down Stay Down coalesced.
  3. 80
    Her lazily smoky voice has its bitterly harsh moments, but her coolly analytical self-awareness stings the most.
  4. The production (a return engagement from Tucker Martine) remains relatively economical throughout, leaving plenty of room for Thao's distinctive warble/weep to unfold its tales of passion spent and soured.
  5. Know Better Learn Faster successfully builds off the trio's 2008 debut We Brave Bee Stings And All, with Nguyen's smoky alto and bluesy guitar remaining front and center.
  6. Pictured on the album’s cover taking aim at a heart-shaped pinata, Thao once again sings in a way that conveys both breathless astonishment and world-weary wisdom.
  7. While Nguyen continues to write upbeat songs about passion gone awry and her band continues to do its part in complementing them, Know Better Learn Faster just doesn’t quite reach the bar she set for herself last time out.

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