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  • Summary: The sophomore album was produced by Tony Hoffer. The British band recently lost its bassist Max Rafferty, who quit earlier this year.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 22
  2. Negative: 1 out of 22
  1. Everything about this album shouts masterpiece, a set that will thrill listeners for years, nay decades, to come.
  2. In an era of canned angst with all the sentiment of a Hallmark card, the Kooks’ parlay their mixed feelings on a myriad of subjects with a strong sense of sincerity, finding the sunny side to melancholy and frustration or a splinter of wistfulness lodged somewhere within a good time.
  3. 80
    With positive vibes along the lines of fellow Brits The Kinks, Konk flows cohesively and is easy and pleasant to listen to all the way through (which is very hard to say for most full-lengths in this era of hit singles).
  4. The follow-up adheres to a winning formula: this is sunny pop in a Sixties vein. But why don't they try something reckless?
  5. Konk is a bit too glossy for its own good, with neatly distorted guitars, swooning multi-tracked harmonies and perfectly manicured choruses working against the energy inherent in the performances.
  6. Konk is the sound of a band in disarray, unsuccessfully attempting to hold things together.
  7. These odd moments aside, it’s tempting to suggest that never before have a band--and a band who, let us remember, this writer awarded a generous 8/10 for their summery, tuneful debut--managed to nail mediocrity so definitely between its tired eyes.

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