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  • Summary: The second album for the Canadian indie rock band was recorded in Montreal and Paris, France.
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  1. The record is alive with a lush, symphonic sensuousness that recalls Of Montreal; it's as layered and ornate as an origami crane, but as organic and effortless as the real feathered thing.
  2. Under The Radar
    La La Land blows that template sky high, expanding and expounding upon the band's sound in a way that is utterly thrilling while still retaining all the muted joy and gentle perfection of "Park Avenue." [Winter 2010, p.65]
  3. The album basks in sun-drenched classic rockisms while managing to sound leagues above throwback jam bands like Phish.
  4. Last time around, the bandmembers referred to that aspect of their sound as "post-classic rock," though in interviews for La La Land, they declared it "barbecue rock" instead. Whatever you call it, that predilection for juicy hooks is a major part of what keeps this mercurial bunch solidly grounded.
  5. Plants And Animals can write good songs, but because they tend to be quite long and full of melodic meandering, they were better suited to their old acoustic style were the electric guitar was used sparsely to take the song elsewhere and captivate the listener. You can have too much of the good thing. But at times on La La Land, the guitar work is undeniably brilliant.
  6. So while La La Land may not be the stellar follow-up that Parc Avenue deserved, it does offer something for fans willing to look beyond its tarted-up exterior.
  7. In what was already an inane, washed-up concept to begin with, P&A fail to enlighten by opting to deliver trite lyrics and characterless humor for their own amusement. Evidently, consciousness suits them better.

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