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  • Summary: Guillermo Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73), Eva Puyuelo Muns and Roberto Carlos Lange release the band's fourth album.
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  1. The sonic touchstones are rediscovered gems of Latin American psychedelia mixed with the work of romantic cantautores (singer-songwriters) from the waning days of Franco in the '70s.
  2. 80
    Although there are moments where you wish for the upbeat, there is a solace to La Llama. For all of you non-spanish and catalan speakers out there, your mind is not forced to translate any of the words either, but simply inspired to enjoy the ride.
  3. The style of music being obscure to modern listeners makes this project's viability a good one, and La Llama reveals material of quality from a great ensemble of musicians.
  4. Creaks, pings, birdcalls, clarinets, rustles, whooshes, echoes and all sorts of other sonic flotsam surround simple melodies and quietly picked acoustic guitars on La Llama.
  5. For Herren devotees (a group in which I would place myself), this album will appear as a necessary, blissed-out, and relaxing installment in an ever-evolving musical saga. For others less familiar or only interested in the Prefuse aesthetic, La Llama may leave them feeling adrift.
  6. A good deal more Lange and a good deal less Muns would have brought out the best in Scott Herren.
  7. The concept is pleasant at first, but pretty soon the repetitive nature of each soundscape--clipped beats, soft Catalan/Castellano vocals and the odd bash, pluck, bird-call and random tinkle--starts to make NME jittery.

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