Laws Of Illusion - Sarah McLachlan
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  • Summary: Continually redefining herself in the realm of folk-pop singer/songwriters, McLachlan's latest delivery after seven years is filled with thoughtful lyrics and impassioned vocal harmonies, making the album worth the wait.
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  1. It’s a collection of ballads, hymns and waltzes, sung in long arcs of melody with a voice that enfolds its strength in breathy intimacy.
  2. It has always been those smooth, lush arrangements that have allowed Sarah to wear her heart on her sleeve without turning every song into an oppressively cheerless engagement, and that is still the case on Laws of Illusion.
  3. Her songs fall easily on the ear, her rhyming schemes are adroit and she writes intelligently on serious subjects.
  4. Country diva channels marriage break-on first LP in nearly a decade.
  5. If only McLachlan would've stripped out the more unoriginal instrumentation on other tracks and relied solely on her voice; it's a haunting, evocative thing we'd follow anywhere.
  6. McLachlan simply sounds like McLachlan here, seemingly unaged by the seven years that have elapsed since her last record and unconcerned with new trends.
  7. Laws of Illusion is certainly not as arresting or as bold as some of the early highlights of her career.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 7
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  1. Dec 5, 2013
    Effortless and effort-less describe this album the best. Slow, prodding with nary a hook. Tagging two tracks from the greatest hits album tells you much what is going on. Fulfilling contractual obligations? Where's the magnificence associated with Sarah McLachlan. While many find Afterglow repetitive and languishing, Laws of Illusion makes Afterglow a masterpiece. And the latter had more than just a handful of heartfelt tunes. Expand

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