Leave Home


Generally favorable reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
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  1. Dec 6, 2011
    A wonderful grab-bag of anomalous sounds that pilfers magpie-like from genre after genre as it charts its 41-minute course.
  2. In any case, Leave Home is no doubt one of the most gut-punched and brain-addled rock rock records to arrive in quite some time.
  3. Jul 26, 2011
    Leave Home is manna for white noise aficionados and anyone who thought the last Future of the Left record was far too tempered (yeah that's right). The Men have done a good thing here.
  4. 80
    After 41 minutes, Leave Home doesn't linger like a flashback, it sticks like a demented structure that's mysteriously magnetic and, in the end, really fun. No wonder this stuff is addictive.
  5. Jul 26, 2011
    Approaches to guitar rock that are generally better segregated sound great together here, as they jump from '90s indie to shotgun at yr face drunkfuzz. I've got no idea where they can go with this. For now, they've made a record that leaves me spinning after every spin.
  6. Mojo
    Jun 28, 2012
    Bracing, yet insidiously melodic. [Jan 2012, p.97]
  7. Jul 26, 2011
    The Men's treatment of their well-curated influences is less akin to that of fan-boys playing in a tribute act and a lot more like an irreverent hip-hop producer's approach to breaks--key in on your sources' coolest moments, change the context, and ride that perfect sound forever.
  8. Jan 9, 2012
    The Men's highly enjoyable chaos.

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