Lessons In The Woods Or A City

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  • Summary: The Seattle-based indie rock trio releases their first album.
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  1. This Seattle wunderkind trio's debut full-length arrives like a freaky reward from a cosmos that has watched us persevere through 15 years of tightening jeans, steadily ramping foppism, and the crushingly beige influence of adult-contempo alt-country.
  2. On this, their debut, they’ve shown us they can pull downtrodden bents as good as anyone. But I’m being serious, serious rock band: on your next record I want to hear something more Pope-like.
  3. Repetitive, psyche-battering noise obscures things--most of the songs sound like there was a jackhammer nearby during recording--yet, after a couple of times through, it’s easy enough to discern pop hooks.
  4. There is no pretense in their simple arrangements, but you can hear their motor revving, and you know they'll never run out of gas.
  5. Talbot Tagora are the latest Left Coast noisemakers to keep your eye on.