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  1. 84
    [Van Dyke] Parks' masterful touch transforms the Thrills from barroom favorites to starry-eyed chancers with a shot at the big time. [#12, p.105]
  2. The Thrills continue to crank out buoyant melodies that keep singer Conor Deasy from downing in his bittersweet lyrics and brokenhearted vocals.
  3. 75
    A moving listen, despite patches of redundancy. [Oct 2004, p.111]
  4. 70
    There's some startling songwriting on Let's Bottle Bohemia. [Oct 2004, p.104]
  5. A really good record by a potentially great rock & roll band.
  6. It's certainly not a bad second effort; simply they have attempted to downsize the large breast-beating anthems to something a little more crafted and understated, while still retaining their populist nous.
  7. Let’s Bottle Bohemia is a triumph.
  8. Fans of So Much for the City's warm, Beach Boys-esque charms may be disappointed with The Thrills' musical progression, but most should enjoy Bohemia's varied charms.
  9. So, yes, Let's Bottle Bohemia is dizzyingly over-produced, but here it fits.
  10. Even though some of the novelty's worn off with Let's Bottle Bohemia, the hand claps, woo-hoo choruses and wide-eyed lyrics are still undeniably enjoyable.
  11. Too many of the songs seem undernourished. [3 Oct 2004]
  12. An older, wiser, more mature and more accomplished Thrills but -- to be honest -- the heart of 'Let's Bottle Bohemia' could quite easily have been made from the leftovers of 'So Much For The City.' [11 Sep 2004, p.54]
  13. By third song, "Faded Beauty Queens", the recipe is already stalling, and the harmonies begin to sound flimsy.
  14. Not so much a staler rehash of So Much For The City [as] an exact rehash of So Much For The City. [#7]
  15. Their forlorn, polished California pop is like the sprawling Valley suburbs: nice enough, if that's your sort of thing.
  16. The songs are likable, but lack a core.
  17. It's trying so hard to impress that it comes off as pushy.
  18. 50
    A strained, washed-out, sluggish record. [Oct 2004, p.129]
  19. It sounds exactly the same as the first record... Another solid, unremarkable effort. [Oct 2004, p.116]
  20. Its fakeness comes to the fore. [28 Oct 2004, p.99]
  21. This album should really have been called Let's Battle Insomnia, in honour of its sedative properties.
  22. The Thrills still have more musical verve than many other second-album victims, but too much of this album seems as if The Thrills have wearied of their own sunny musical dispositions.
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  1. PatrickO
    Feb 16, 2006
  2. JohnR
    Nov 9, 2005
    Very hard to understand what all the critics must have heard, listening to this album. It's basically pretty close to phenomenal. Very hard to understand what all the critics must have heard, listening to this album. It's basically pretty close to phenomenal. Spledid, accessible songwriting with brilliant arrangements, though the strings-parts are a bit too much now and then. Without a doubt one of my 2004 favourites. Full Review »
  3. CP
    Oct 27, 2005
    Embarassingly weak songwriting that makes me yearn for Bruce Willis's "The Return of Bruno." It's that bad.