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  2. Negative: 6 out of 23
  1. As admirable as Life in Cartoon Motion's eclecticism is, it could use more focus.
  2. The test of Mika’s longevity will be how he chooses to progress beyond the colorful kaleidoscope of his debut album.
  3. There's virtually zero worth to this album, a combination of zealous experiments with Garage Band and would-be Music and Lyrics soundtrack cuts.
  4. It is, triumphantly, among the most camp mainstream pop records ever made. [Mar 2007, p.113]
  5. 60
    His elegant songcraft often recalls Freddie Mercury.
  6. 70
    The influences here are smart, the music smarter. [Feb 2007, p.100]
  7. On the couple of cuts when Mika's campy steez isn't all up in your grill, he's boring.
  8. At times, it's so relentlessly bouncy and upbeat that you feel like mowing down an entire shopping centre with an AK-47. Yet there's enough promise here to confirm that the hype about Mika is pretty much on the money.
  9. Shame on the person who made this. Shame on the people who release, market and play this. And shame on anyone who buys it.
  10. 70
    Sometimes he veers too close to his source material and surrenders to sap... but mostly this U.K.-chart-topping magpie makes good with bountiful tunes and Broadway vocal dazzle that could slay even the High School Musical crowd. [May 2007, p.88]
  11. At their most laudable, Queen eschewed good taste in order to make unique records: Bohemian Rhapsody or the baffling Bicycle Race. Here, you get all the kitsch and none of the ambition.... With little behind it except a desire to be loved, the showboating becomes wearyingly relentless.
  12. Nothing quite matches the crystal-shattering exuberance of hit ''Grace Kelly,'' but singing along doesn't get much cheerier than with this Cartoon.
  13. It's irreverent, in-your-face, sexually nebulous, and infuriatingly catchy.
  14. 80
    That it doesn't dissolve into kitsch and comedy is a tribute to Mika's gifts. [Apr 2007, p.118]
  15. "Life in Cartoon Motion" is like Scissor Sisters-lite: Retro disco with heavy doses of rollicking piano and funk. [31 Mar 2007]
  16. The suspicion that Mika might have major talent under the plagiarism and cynicism is what makes "Life In Cartoon Motion" so remarkably unlovely.
  17. Mika makes music that sounds like vegetables with all the flavour boiled out of them. Blandness born out of a fear of doing anything new, interesting, or provocative. Blandness born from a fear of alienating a single person with a single piece of conviction in your music.
  18. The massive dip in quality towards the end, including the progressive worsening through closing, bonus and hidden tracks, is disappointing, considering how well the album begins.
  19. His music... exerts the allure of the most seductive pop, but does so with the calculation of a predator.
  20. When the tempo is slower on certain tracks such as 'My Interpretation' and 'Any Other World' the initial comparison is unavoidably that of one to Robbie Williams or Elton John, but there is none of the dead-eyed cynicism of the former and none of the bellowing oafishness of the latter.
  21. Life in Cartoon Motion is so exuberant, so accomplished, so crazysexycool that it's all a little overwhelming.
  22. The clunkers come thick and fast.
  23. There’s some great stuff here – specifically Relax, Take It Easy’s sublime falsetto hook - but elsewhere buoyant pop is sunk by relentless vocal mugging and production which wears its influences much too heavily.
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  1. Oct 26, 2012
    Long ago that I've heard so much happiness in one album. Mika has got such a stunning voice and the sweet bop along rhythm make a really enjoyable album. No matter if he sings about a family man turning gay, how beautiful big girls are or .......... it's just nice to listen to. I have to admit, lyrically it's no big deal and the music is pretty simple sometimes but hey: this album just makes me feel good! 9 points out of 10 for that! Full Review »
  2. AyshL.
    Aug 9, 2008
  3. Regan
    Feb 4, 2008
    Grace Kelly hooked me in although it took a few listens for the others to sink in. Now I love the whole CD - it's feel-good, nightclub, dance dance dance fun. Can't wait to see where Mika goes from here. Full Review »