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  • Summary: Gareth Jones produced this ten-song set from the duo of Vince Clark and Andy Bell.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 11
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  1. While Erasure certainly didn't need the "return to form" album at this point in their career, they nailed it and brought better songwriting along for the ride.
  2. This is signature Erasure, and fans will find it pure delight. [26 May 2007]
  3. Erasure remain A-level, mid-tempo melody makers, crafters of classic romantic pop songs with electronica serving as the template.
  4. As shimmering and energetic as anything the group released during its late-'80s prime.
  5. A batch of keyboard-driven dance tunes that could easily have been recorded in the early 1990s -- and for fans, that's good news.
  6. When it all comes together, as it does on the amazing singles "I Could Fall in Love with You" and "Sunday Girl," the effect is intoxicating. Music like this makes you happy to be alive. When it doesn't come together, as on "How My Eyes Adore You", the result isn't unpleasant so much as tedious.
  7. Most of Light at the End of the World works within the familiar confines of the vintage Erasure formula, drunk on everyman synthesizers, listing through painfully vague and obvious rhymes.

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  1. richardh.
    Sep 14, 2007
    brilliant, simple as that! Its such a shame that erasure dont reach a wider audience because they are not a new band. people dont know what they are missing Expand