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Summary: This is the debut full-length release on What's Your Rupture? for the Brooklyn-based rock quartet from Texas.
Record Label: What's Your Rupture?
Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Noise Pop
Credit: Primary Artist
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Track Listings

01 Gold Record Diamond Minds 09 A Sioux, an Apache and a Mohawk
02 Borrowed Thyme 10 Stoned & Starving
03 Donuts Only 11 No Ideas
04 Yr No Stoner 12 Caster of Worthless Spells
05 Yonder Is Closer to the Heart 13 A Borealis Lit Fjord
06 Careers in Combat 14 Tears O'Plenty
07 The Color of Something 15 I Fell in Debt to Those Country Crooners
08 Gleaning Embers from a Burning Field

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