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  • Summary: Luna's first live recording compiles performances from New York's Knitting Factory and Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club, including the band's final show with bassist Justin Harwood and one of its first with Harwood's replacement Britta Phillips. The disc includes songs from each of Luna's five studio albums, as well as one track ("4th of July") from frontman Dean Wareham's previous band, Galaxie 500. Expand
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  1. A hypnotic, bittersweet, transcendental pop masterpiece.
  2. Their music sets a certain midnight mood like no one else's. Live is both a perfect distillation of that mood and a great reminder of the wondrous songs they've released over the last decade or so.
  3. These 14 live offerings are a satisfying sampling from each of the band's five albums, though happily the selection leans more heavily toward Penthouse...
  4. Live albums are usually for fans only, but Luna Live! is a fine place for newcomers to get a first taste of a band worth knowing intimately - and the next best thing to an actual Luna show.
  5. Simplicity obviously works to their advantage. True, with all unnecessary distractions gone you're painfully aware of Wareham's stretching for the high notes, but from the leathery creak of 'Bewitched', to the arch pop of 'Moon Palace' via the rollicking fuzz of '23 Minutes In Brussels' it hardly seems to matter
  6. For fans, a job well done, and surely appreciated. For the rest, digestion of any of Luna's five studio albums may be advisable first.
  7. 40
    The performances aren't much different from the studio versions beyond an extra dose of guitar grit, so this is mostly a case of tossing a bouquet to Luna collectors.

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  1. StuartS.
    Oct 3, 2001
    If one avoids listening to this as background music to a seduction, turns out the lights and cranks the volume it's as good as getting laid.