Live In New York

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  • Summary: The six-disc set features the entire performance at New York's Felt Forum in 1970.
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  1. Split over six fantastic-sounding CDs, these live recordings are a revelation, an aural document of the Doors and Morrison at their professional best.
  2. Uncut
    The four-and-a-half minutes of tuning that takes up the first track of this six-disc boxset signals that Live In New York a scrupulously compiled audio verite document - and there's plenty more tuning to come. [Dec 2009, p. 88]
  3. The experience of hearing the band's ebb and flow as they organically develop the performance in real-time--as opposed to hearing a package of material that has been cherry-picked after the fact--is one of several advantages that the Live in New York (2009) anthology has over its predecessors. Another is the stunning fidelity throughout, thanks to the work of Doors' original producer/engineer Bruce Botnick and the exhaustive processes of restoring the eight-track, open-reel master tapes.
  4. Many tracks from these shows have been released before, but on this box you can listen to them bootleg-style, with all the repeated songs, tuning breaks, and banter with the audience.
  5. Given the disjointed bloat of the group's sole live release in Morrison's lifetime, 1970's "Absolutely Live," the new 6-CD Live in New York, whose four-show run over two nights at Madison Square Garden's smaller stage contributed to "Absolutely Live," actually strengthens and streamlines that same tour's audio.
  6. Mojo
    While good stuff (with good sound) in the main, its sheer length and predictability mark this as one for the fanatics. [Jan 2010, p.114]
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