Long.Live.A$AP - A$AP Rocky
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 111 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 94 out of 111
  2. Negative: 9 out of 111

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  1. Aug 29, 2014
    A really good album. A$AP Rocky had is own style and it's really cool.
    FAV TRACKS : Long Live A$AP, PMW, Hell, 1Train, Phoenix, Suddenly
    LEAST FAV: Fashion Killa
  2. Jul 12, 2014
    This is an undeniably good album that propels A$AP Rocky into the upper tiers of active rappers. I love how Rocky focuses on putting out good music with unique production, instead of just screaming over cookie cutter trap production. There are several clear filler tracks, however, and he definitely doesn't impress me lyrically over most of the album.
    ~ 7.2/10
    ~ including deluxe tracks
    and pre-order bonus track: 7.4/10
    Best track: "1 Train": WOW! is all I can say.. this is one of my favorite tracks of 2013. The beat feels underground and the features were perfect, especially Big K.R.I.T.
  3. Feb 4, 2014
    A$AP Rocky’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP is one of the most unique hip-hop albums of the year, made by one of the most unique rappers in this industry to date. From his screwed Houston bounce with an appreciation for New York rap to his high-fashion trends by Jeremy Scott, Raf Simons and Rick Owens, follows the lineage of Harlem’s flashy roots, channeling an pristine taste of hypnotic raps..The 24-year-old Harlem rapper had a spectacular 2011, coming into a crazy $3 million deal with RCA based on early buzz and then silencing skeptics with his breakout LiveLoveA$AP mixtape. With a set release date of July 4th 2012 to which was then pushback to January 15th 2013 people were starting to feel the album would never materialize but as soon as the album dropped everyone expectations were exceeded. Many rap-industry heavies appear on LongLiveA$AP, and they mix well with other young rappers up and the coming along of A$AP. More importantly he never cedes the center. His lead single “F**kin’ Problems have shown his successful attempts at radio play and pop appeal, but Long.Live.A$AP isn’t him adapting to mainstream standards. A$AP picks up right where he left off on his mixtape only taking the sound bigger and better. For someone often criticized for his lack of depth, A$AP Rocky keeps delivering in the face of skepticism and continues to grow his fan base through all demographics. On his debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, Rocky aimed to maintain the general style of his mixtape while upgrading the sound enough to expand his fan base. In general, he does exactly that; however his debut is slightly more erratic, with fantastic tracks alongside bars of strong lyricism. A$AP sets himself apart in this album because he does not rap about what common rappers rap about most of the time. What good rap does need to do is tell a compelling story and Rocky has a story to tell. He grew up in and out of shelter, his dad was arrested, and he lost his brother. But it seems that those are not the stories that Rocky wants to focus on. He wants to look to the future, rap about his newfound success and how now everything is going to be different .This drive for success and the confidence that oozes out as he swags his way into pop culture results in the kind of lyricism that is playful, quotable, and generally palatable. A$AP Rocky sounds natural in every setting; along with his command of rhythm and cadence, this is his greatest gift. His lyrics, a riot of lifestyle brands and other desirables, can feel like standing in front of a closet of prohibitively expensive designer goods included with his rhymes when reminiscing about growing up poor. as Rocky also likes to rap about , women ,money, and drugs which is how he lives his life. Although this is the regular inappropriate lyrics we hear from other artists Rocky displays an exceptional handle on delivering his lyrics that hook you on every track. The language Rocky uses is extremely explicit but flow nicely with his unique style and his gold teeth, interesting fashion choices and long braids give him a very strong image. His lyrics and image are all about of one common goal; to inspire rappers to be more creative and to inspire his listeners to be themselves. In an interview he states that he does what he does because he loves it and wants to make other people love it so they are inspired to do anything or become anything they want to be. Long.Live.A$AP mirrors as a walk through his influences, featuring other blockbuster names such as Drake, 2 Chainz, Santigold, Skrillex, Florence Welch, to name a few. A$AP Rocky’s album is a beginning to his bright future music career and gives the overall message to be your-self and ignore the haters. It’s clear that he covered all the popular leanings in hip-hop of today, whether exploding on the EDM anthem “Wild for the Night” or the indie pop sentiments on “Hell.” Rocky is a fast-rising star who continues to stay in the discussion as one of the best rappers coming out today. Collapse
  4. Jan 10, 2014
    This album definitely strayed away from his mixtape Live.Love.A$AP. Songs like PMW, LONG.LIVE.A$AP and Suddenly produced a different sound not many hiphop artists tend to do. Goldie was also a standout which reminded me of the Watch The Throne hit **** In Paris. The album does make a quick turn into a problem with 1Train which featured a lot of artists on the one track. A track that has so many features because long and boring to listen to. The rest of the tracks become plain and ordinary, nothing too special. I expected much better from this. Expand
  5. Dec 8, 2013
    This album is easily one of the best albums of the year. Great debut from A$AP Rocky. Great lyrics, great prouction and great features. I wasn't a big fan of A$AP Rocky before this album, but when I got the CD and listened to it, I feel in love with it. I suggest you buy this album.
    Best Tracks (IMO):
    Long. Live. A$AP
    Ghetto Symphony
    1 Train
  6. Oct 7, 2013
    From the second you start listening to this album, A$AP Rocky's clever trap beats and minimalistic production draw you in to this album. Though it isn't lacking in substance, "Long. Live. A$AP" certainly has some holes. The lyrics are generally dumb, sometimes even laughable (see "F**kin Problems": "I'm a n***a, the n***a n***a, that's how you figure). But Rocky's reserved and careful delivery will resonate with lots of listeners, and in that aspect it's a success.

    Best Song: F**kin Problems
    Worst Song: PMW
  7. Oct 6, 2013
    damn! such an incredible album, i really liked every single song. Some people even know about this type of music LOL go listen justin bieber o one direction's album
  8. Jun 30, 2013
    Wow. Just from the title track, this is an album like nothing I have ever heard before. This is an album that you can never get tired of. Its got everything needed for a great album, and I was just blown away. The guest verses were mostly amazing, with the only one really not that good being Yelawolf's verse on 1Train. The best part about the album though, is that the bonus tracks sound even better than the first twelve. Ghetto Symphony, Jodye, Angels, and I Come Apart are some of the best songs of the year no doubt. It will be exciting to see where Lord Flacko goes from here Expand
  9. Apr 29, 2013
    This album is a great first step for Rocky's career because it show you what he is capable of 1. A Great Emcee (don't believe me listen to suddenly, and 1 train) and 2. A very smart man for wisely choosing what to put in this album. This album could have been Live Love A$AP 2 but he went the opposite way and made a gem
  10. Apr 3, 2013
    Álbum ótimo para quem curte um som mais urbano, com varias participações que fazem o CD brilhar no ghetto.
    Com batidas surpreendentes que fazem qualquer um ficar com vontade de ouvir de novo e de novo, muito inovador quando se trata de falar sobre a cultura norte americana, destaque para as músicas Wild For The Night (Feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam), Problems (Feat. 2 Chainz, Drake &
    Kendrick Lamar) e I Come Apart (Feat. Florence Welch) Expand
  11. Mar 30, 2013
    his mixtape was way better. 1 train is easily the best song on the album. pretty much because of the guest verses. asap rocky practically relies on his beats. he sold out
  12. Feb 16, 2013
    A$AP's debut album is a bit different from his mixtape. The production is a lot more diverse and the raps have certainly improved. The thing about A$AP is that no matter how much you love or hate him, you have to admit he has his own style. And that's what makes this album work. He's willing to do more on his album then he did on his mixtape. Songs like Goldie and the title track are his anthem style tracks. Something that gives you that kind of boost. Songs like PMW, Hell, Pain and LVL are his smoother tracks. 1 Train is the harder hitting song and Suddenly is kind of a retrospective song. Each of the songs have their own personality which you didn't really get from his mixtape. Still, I'd say the mixtape is better because as far as songs, production and overall feel. I like the smoother more spacey songs on Live.Love.A$AP a lot better than Long.Live.A$AP. Plus songs like Fashion Killa in all honesty are unnecessary. Plus the song Problem seems like an after thought. Kendrick doesn't go nearly as hard on that song as he would on 1 Train. But still for a major label debut, I enjoyed this project a lot. It takes a lot more risks and for the most part they work. If you're a fan of Rocky, go support it. Expand
  13. Feb 15, 2013
    Apart from his single, "Goldie", Asap doesn't bring anything new and comes off as a pretentious kid in most of his underwhelming overhyped songs. Pretty disappointing.
  14. Feb 11, 2013
    This album is crazy, lots of new, fresh sounds........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  15. Feb 5, 2013
    A$AP hits fire on this album. All the beats bang and I like the progression of these lyrics from the first one. Favorite track was "Suddenly," but i love what they did with the video for "Live.Love.A$AP." Here's the link to decide for yourself: http://bit.ly/XWb3WP
  16. Feb 1, 2013
    This is the first time I have ever listened to A$AP Rocky's music, so I didn't have much of an idea about his reputation or what kind of rap music he made. Judging by the critical reviews, I expected great things, but I've been left a bit puzzled as to where all this great praise comes from.
    A$AP may not be a terrible rapper, but I wouldn't rank him as one of the best. His raps are not as
    ridiculous and infantile as some rappers, but neither are they outstanding and groundbreaking. The big standouts are Wild For The Night, a dubstep infused number that worked in a way that I didn't expect, 1 Train, a brilliant emotional piece, Phoenix, a beautiful spiritual sounding track and I Come Apart, the lovely bonus track featuring vocals by Florence Welch. Unfortunately, everything else is just ok. There are no bad tracks on the album, although Fashion Killa is extremely mediocre and is so out of place that I don't know how it made the final cut.
    There is talent here and A$AP just needs to expand it and develop it a bit more. A halfway decent major label debut is quite rare these days, though, so he is on the right track.
  17. Jan 24, 2013
    The album is a blend of innovation and freshness of A$AP Rocky. Large collaborations like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Drake make Long.Live.A$AP of superior quality and tracks as "Goldie" (produced by Hit-Boy) or "Fuckin 'Problems" are a clear example of top track. Although many will not be agree, this is one of the best albums of recent years.
  18. Jan 23, 2013
    How could a hip hop album so creative be so fun? buy the CD and support this type of music. A$AP Rocky is the best to rep Harlem since Big L. It's fair to say ASAP met expectations with this album.
  19. Jan 20, 2013
    This album is great! Though this may not be as amazing as his prior mix tape. A$AP showcases a variety of monster beats and producers, his rap skills are by far beyond expectations with his flow and rhymes. Best tracks on the album are: Long Live ASAP, F**kin Problems, Wild For the Night, Phoenix, and Ghetto Symphony.
  20. Jan 18, 2013
    Good album to start 2013 off with a new york and southern mixed style yet the album is seems it was over done in production and needs to focus on the lyrics more but the album is a great debut for the 24 year old.
  21. Jan 18, 2013
    I'm giving a zero to this album and this artist just because he stole his name from Aesop Rock, who is a superior artist compared to this child. Oh, and this album and "asap rocky's" music in general is terrible.
  22. Jan 17, 2013
    This album speaks to the emptiness and desirability of fame and our consumer culture. This central paradox is on display in most of the songs. A beautiful album. Full of innovative beats, full of guest rappers at the height of their talents, full of irony, full of awesomeness! Long Live Rocky as long as he fearlessly keeps exploring as an artist.
  23. Jan 17, 2013
    Not as good as Live. Love. ASAP. Still a great album. What it lacks in lyrical prowess, it makes up for with incredible beats, unique style, panache, and A$AP Rocky's talented voice.
  24. Jan 16, 2013
    this album is fantastic debut for A$AP Rocky, its of the same technique as Live Love A$AP. I found that this album is a complete classic, my fav. tracks are 1 Train,Long Live A$AP, LVL, Goldie and PMW(all i really need)
  25. Jan 15, 2013
    Great album. I don't understand why some aren't liking it. I can see Rocky's progression as an artist on this. (best tracks: Long Live ASAP, LVL, PMW, Phoenix and Suddenly)
  26. Jan 15, 2013
    There are a few highlights, such as "Goldie", "Fuckin' Problems", and "1Train", but otherwise, this one's a poor effort and below average at best. The album is honestly just boring. Aside from the tracks mentioned, they all seem to sound the same and the beat selection was hit-and-miss as there were just some dud beats. Huge disappointment of an album and a sign that Rocky needs to head back to the drawing board. Expand
  27. Jan 15, 2013
    Great album. One of easiest hip-hop albums for me to sit down and listen to all the way through. If you can give this album some time, I think you'll appreciate A$AP Rocky's progression as an artist.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Rocky raps over the music without saying a damn thing older, meaner, and sharper rappers haven't said before. Then, bang, three dynamite songs.... Then, aww, three tracks that could be more obvious by half.
  2. Mar 7, 2013
    Rocky bests every beat thrown at him. [Apr 2013, p.94]
  3. Feb 28, 2013
    Rocky synthesises the cutting edge experiments of his peers into a more commercially polished product that lacks the eccentricity of its influences but is uniquely out there when compared to most mainstream fare. [Feb 2013, p.61]